Top 10 Tuesday: Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters EVER

Good afternoon, peeps! I feel very rant-y this week, so I decided to leash it all on my Top Ten Tuesday theme, haha! So, turn on your rant-y vibes, because I’ll complain my heart out! Hahaha


As you may know, this meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish =D My theme today is Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters EVER! In no particular order, let’s talk about those people 😉

~I do apologize for all the people that love those characters; this is only my opinion and doesn’t mean that yours is wrong in any way! This post was made with entertainment purposes only and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings~

*pictures will take you to the Goodreads page of the book!*

1) Bella Swann, from Twilight


Hm, okay, maybe this one has an order, haha! Don’t get me wrong, I love the first book in the Twilight series to this day, but I have always hated Bella. Talk about an immature brat, omg! At 12, I had more life wisdom than she did at 17. #justsaying #growupBella

2) Eadlyn, from The Heir/The Crown

the heir

I’m starting to see a pattern here, but okay, haha! Eadlyn was hands-down the first character that I actually wanted to strangle and throw the body in a lake. The arrogance, the immaturity, the happy ignorance and the rotten spoiled personality are things that, to this day, make me dread reading The Crown. I don’t know if I can take another book from Eadlyn’s POV. Seriously, I miss America so much right now =(

You can read my review for The Heir here!

3) Agatha, from Carry On

carry on rainbow rowell

Talk about indecisive and weak people. While I don’t have a problem with Agatha’s parts on Carry On, I would be a happier person if she didn’t exist at all. I don’t feel she adds a thing to the story and she always messes up because she is incapable of recognizing her own weaknesses and limits. Yep, I have no patience at all with self-absorbed characters.

You can read my review for Carry On here!

4) Molly, from The Dreamer

the dreamer

This was a case in which the main character made me drop the whole series. We’ll have two more of those coming, but let’s start with Molly. She was a characterless character. No hobbies, no pastimes, no anything to make her stand up in the world. She only thought about her boyfriend and her best friend; her alone time was meek and ridiculous. It was so incredibly frustrating that I was relieved when the book ended and I don’t care for the next one in the series. Zero patience with bleak characters.

You can read my review for The Dreamer here!

5) Feyre, from ACOTAR


I seriously didn’t get why everyone is so obsessed with this series. I was really excited to read it – duh, fairy-tale retelling! I love those!  – but then I met the main character. And the book was over for me. While reviews ravish about how much Feyre grows in the story, I particularly didn’t see it. She was just another brat that got her head filled with hot guys. I don’t blame her, I’d have gave in to Tamlin waaay before she did, but I was highly unimpressed and not even the major twist in the end made me want to pick up the next book. I can’t stand 500 and so pages of Feyre on me again, seriously.

6) Mare, from Red Queen

red queen

And, while we’re on the section of main characters that made me drop whole series of books, let’s move to Mare. Mare is the full package of literally EVERYTHING I hate on a protagonist and I was so sad to learn that! The premise of the book was so incredible, I was again really excited. And then enters Mare, a rebel without a cause (literally), with lots of unjustified anger and bratty-ness. To top everything, she was a chosen one, overpower, got herself stuck in an amorous triangle and always, ALWAYS, fucked anything she got herself involved with. Seriously, this girl needs to go for me to continue the story.

You can read my review for Red Queen here!

7) Karou, from Daughter of Smoke & Bone

daughter of smoke and bone

Karou was a The Curious Case of Benjamin Button type of character for me. She started the book kicking ass and being a goddess. I loved her so much for so many reasons. And then enters Akiva, the male love interest, and she starts to un-evolve. Everything I loved about her as a character disappeared as she becomes a meek and love-struck girl for a boy that positively ruins her life. Can’t say more due spoilers, but trust me: if Akiva had done only an inch of what he did to Karou with me, he would be dead, not on my bed. #justsaying Due Karou’s actions from the middle of the book to the end, I decided to drop this series and I regret nothing. The start was perfect and ended there.

You can read my review for Daughter of Smoke & Bone here!

8) Legolas, from Lord of the Rings

lord of the rings senhor dos aneis hobbit

I LOVE LEGOLAS ON THE MOVIES. Orlando Bloom is so hot. He and Aragorn where my fave characters, so I couldn’t wait to see their original selves on the book. And then Legolas turns out to be the cheesiest elf on the earth, lending his therapist’s services to the sun and falling on his butt because he got scared while climbing a tree. #truestories For the whole book, I wouldn’t stop thanking Orlando Bloom for giving Legolas some manly dignity on the movie, haha!

9) Louis, from Interview with the Vampire


I’d like to say that this is one of my favorite books, but OMG LOUIS! Why couldn’t you just accept Lestat’s love?! THE MAN SUFFERED ENOUGH WITHOUT YOUR BRATTY SELF!! Ughhh, I wish he had been more mature. Things would have gone way smoother and the end would be the same. You know, in the next book, when they meet again and stick together. #what #notexactlywhathappens

10) ALMOST EVERYONE, from Game of Thrones

a game of thrones

I’m dead serious. I’m going to list the people I like and everyone else outside this list frustrates me to no end, all in their own way: Jamie Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys, Jon Snow and Brienne. No, wait, there was that time in which I wanted to murder Jamie. Oh, and that other when Tyrion was stupid. And practically the whole first book, I wish Daenerys would just get lost and never come back. Ooh, and Jon was stupid that time in the wall. And Brienne accepted that deal that made me want to murder her. Scratch that title to “EVERYONE” in Game of Thrones HAHAHAHAHAHHA


And that’s it! Wow, I feel incredibly better now, hahaha! #meanie What was your Top Ten Tuesday Theme of the day? What are your most hated characters in the world??

With love,


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