January’s Wrap Up + Book Haul (a post so delayed it almost became an urban legend)


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Anyway, hello! Welcome to my *ridiculously late* January Wrap Up! ❤ This was a lovely month for this panda in all aspects: reading, living and being generally happy, haha! But time urges and this post will be kind of long, so let’s shall not delay!


This month, despite my crazy travelling schedule and most-active-ever social life, I still managed to read 17 books, 3 volumes of manga and 2 volumes of comic books. MIT is already researching my routine and life habits to discover how I trick time to read more than it’s physically possible. #what #nope #buttheyshould #Ican’texplainthis

*titles with links are already reviewed, isn’t this a miracle?!! =O*





This was the month in which I completely went crazy with my hauls, but come ooon, it was post Christmas and all! Haha! ;D

*~.Physical Haul.~*

  • Beauty, by Robin McKinley
  • 13 Minutes, by Sarah Pinborough
  • The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan | Gift
  • The Bloof of Olympus, by Rick Riordan | Gift
  • The Little Dictionary of Fashion, by Christian Dior
  • Ever After High, Next Top Villain, by Suzanne Selfors
  • Ever After High: A Wonderlandiful World, by Shannon Hale
  • The Iron King, by Julie Kagawa
  • A Dance With Dragons, by George R. R. Martin
  • Will & Will, by John Green & David Leviathan

*~.Ebook Haul.~*

  • Omega In the Shadows, by Zoe Perdita | Amazon
  • Under The Trees, by Ashley Maker | Amazon
  • Roomie Wars, by Kat T. Masen | iBooks
  • Untitled Beauty, by C. E. Wilson | Amazon
  • Captain Blood, by Rafael Sabatini | Amazon
  • Valley of the Moon, by Bronwyn Archer | Amazon
  • The Substitute: The Wedding Pact #1, by Denise Grover Swank | Amazon
  • Dragon Baby, by Van Cole | Amazon
  • The Unfading Lands, by Katherine E. Hamilton | Amazon
  • The Fairy Queen, by Jovee Winters | Amazon
  • High Plains Holiday, by Simone Beaudelaire | Amazon
  • Runes, by Ednah Walters | Amazon
  • Watergirl, by Juliann Whicker | Amazon
  • Thief, by Erin Bedford | Amazon
  • A Curious Web Cam Model, by Robin Acosta | Amazon
  • Off the Hook, by Holley Trent | Amazon
  • Shearwater (Extended Edition), by Derek Murphy | Amazon

You can read my review for the first part of Shearwater, by Derek Murphy, here!

*~.Received to Review.~*

  • More than You Wanted, by Jo Goodman [read]
  • Be True, by by Stella Starling [read]
  • Single Malt, by Layla Reynes [read]
  • Queen of geeks, by Jen Wilde
  • ECHO Campaign, by Taylor Brooke
  • Renegade Red, by Lauren Bird Horowitz
  • Ballad of the Beanstalk, by Amy McNulty


Soo, it seems kind of pointless to make a TBR for the month on Feb. 18th, so I’ll just let myself slide off this one, haha! ;D

Thanks so much for reading! How did your January go? How is your February going? Any reading achievements/frustrations to share? Hahaha!

With love,


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