Top 10 Tuesday: Most Vivid Book Worlds/Settings

Good afternoon, peeps! Today I won’t provoke almost you all with the delightful summer temperatures I’m experiencing during my vacation #sorrynotsorryforthebrag, haha!

This Tuesday, I felt like analyzing some of the books’ sceneries I’ve been seeing. I’m an eternal rebel, so my theme for the day is Most Vivid Book Worlds/Settings!


As you may know, this meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish =D

In no particular order, let’s talk about setting and bookish worlds that are just too liveable! #that’snotaword

*pictures will take you to the Goodreads page of the book!*

1) A Song of Ice and Fire series, by George R. R. Martin

a game of thrones

The guy writes too much? Yes. His books could be at least 200 pages shorter each? Yes. Are there times in which you just want to cut your wrists because it isn’t going anywhere? Yes. But we can’t take this away from him: SUCH A PERFECT SCENERY! Every time I close my eyes and think Game of Thrones, I can see all parts of his world. #king #justsaying

2) 27 Days to Midnight, by Kristine Kruppa

27 days to midnight

Think about a perfect steampunk world. You still aren’t even close to what Kristine pulled up with this book. Seriously, think perfection. You are not there yet ❤

You can read here my review for 27 Days To Midnight!

3) How Smoke Got Out of The Chimneys, by DeAnna Knippling


I’m still amazed at what DeAnna was able to create with so few pages! As I read this short story, I felt like there was a movie playing in my mind with all the scenes and sceneries. Historically impeccable and most entertaining, How Smoke Got Out of the Chimneys is a must read for any fan of perfect world building!

4) The Quartermaster & The Marquis Son, by A. E. Kendall

the quartermaster & the marquis son

Another historical romance that went so beyond the romance! Kendall was incredible at her settings (among other aspects of the book, as it was a 5 stars read for me, haha!). The ships, the changes of the sea, the islands, the harbors… SERIOUSLY, ANYTHING AT ALL. I felt like I was living with the characters, haha!

You can read here my review for The Quartermaster & The Marquis’ Son!

5) Deltora Quest series, by Emily Rodda

deltora quest series

Emily drew a whole world in this series. Literally. For me, Deltora is like another planet, floating around the galaxy and just waiting for my arrival – that is how much great the setting is.

6) Tales from the Kingdoms, by Sarah Pinborough

tales of the kingdom series

I finally feel like my fairy tales actually happened all at the same world, you know? The way in which Sarah sews her stories and the fairy tales kingdoms together is simply outstanding. One of my favorite series EVAH for the world setting as well!

7) Hexworld series, by Jordan L. Hawk

hexbreaker 1

I’ve read two out of four books into this series so far and let me tell you something: YOU ARE GOING TO THINK NEW YORK IS JUST LIKE THIS. ALL THE TIME. No matter how many years and centuries went by and never mind the urban fantasy. Jordan is that good. And I didn’t even include the Whyborne & Griffin series here, haha! (Because, you know, the settings there are also that perfect. Jordan is that perfect.)

You can read here my review for Hexbreaker, Hexworld #1!

8) Princess of Tyrone, by Katie Hamstead

princess of tyrone

Okay, so maybe I loved everything about this book, but I have to point out that the way in which Katie mixed fairy-tales retellings with sci-fi was just brilliant. I kept imagining some planets full of glitter around them and a pastels toned space, oops!

You can read here my review for Princess of Tyrone!

9) Black Water Tales: The Unwanted, by JeanNicole Rivers


Soo. This book creeped me out in more ways than I care to count, but the major thing was the world building. SO. FREAKING. REAL. It gave me the chills. If my hands would be so kind to obey my brain and reproduce exactly what it sees, I could make a perfect painting of all described places. Seriously. Unfortunately, pandas can’t draw and I’m no exception.

You can read here my review for Black Water Tales: The Unwanted!

10) The Lord of The Rings series, by J. R. R. Tolkien

lord of the rings senhor dos aneis hobbit

OF COURSE I couldn’t leave this one out, right? Right! Hahaha! My childhood dream was to live in the Middle Earth and, if I had the chance to do so, I still would move there. #justsaying


Harry Potter series, by J. K. Rowling

harry potter series

Do I need to say something?



And that was my Top 10 Tuesday for the day! Do you participate on this meme? If so, what was your theme? Feel free to leave the link bellow for me to check ❤

With love,


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Most Vivid Book Worlds/Settings

  1. Obviously I agree 100% with the Harry Potter world and Middle Earth! Although I’ve only read The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring… I really need to finish the LOTR series!!! I haven’t read any of the other books, but the Game of Thrones series is a series I’ve wanted to pick up, but have been too intimidated to start…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have come to the conclusion that Game of Thrones can only be read in two ways: the crazy addicted in which you devore book by book in the smaller course of time possible within your routine and reading speed OR reading each book as slowly as the icebergs melt into the sea, but always one book after the other until the end or the person usually can’t find the strenght to keep going due the size of each book HAHAHAHAHAH
      I went for option A, but my modus operandi with books larger than 500 pages usually is option B =P
      ALSO, we’re so twins in our unfinished Lord of The Rings books!! Hahahahaha

      Liked by 1 person

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