Mailbox news: weekly update about the bookish world #5


(Edition from Dec. 22th to 28th)

HELLOOOOOO, GUYS! Welcome to another edition of Mailbox News! As I predicted, the end of the holidays meant a calm down on author’s news for now =) I’ll go back to once a week posts for now and you won’t die scrolling down anymore, haha!

In this issue you’ll find news about: C. J. Sears, Julia London, Lucy Lennox & Michelle Madow

*click on the covers to be taken to the book’s goodreads profile*


I voted for Sears’ book on Kindle Scout earlier this year and, while it didn’t get selected for publication by Amazon, the book is here anyway!

  • The Shadow Over Lone Oak

Release date: Dec. 22th

the shadow over lonely oak.jpg


Julia just released her new novel, Wild Wicked Scot! The book is a historical romance set in the 18th century ❤

  • Wild Wicked Scot

Release date: Dec. 27th

wild wicked scot.jpg


Lucy just released the third volume on her standalone series Made Marian!

  • Jumping Jude (Made Marian #3)

Release date: Dec. 22th

jumping jude.jpg


Michelle just put her Elementals series into a huge digital boxset AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL! It includes all five books in the series and, if you want to start it and haven’t bought any volumes yet, I highly recommend that you buy the box set – it’s $9.99 and each book individually usually costs around $4.99 or something like this =)

  • Elementals: The Complete Series

Release date: Dec. 25th

elemental series box set.jpg



Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this bunch of weekly news! Have some piece of juicy bookish gossip I should know? Please, leave it in the comments ❤

With love,


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