Mailbox News #3


Dec. 08th to 16th Edition

Hello, panda lovers! At least, I hope you are? Welcome to another edition of my Mailbox News, where I share all the delightful finds that poped up on my face as I scrolled my e-mail this week! I know I said I’d to this twice a week until Christmas, but life gets crazier as the Holidays approach, oops =(

To make things easier, I’ll just talk about the overall news of the author and leave the new book covers linked to Goodreads – easier for me everyone!

As always, you’ll find the news in alphabetical order of the first name of the author =) Let’s dive into the bookish hot news world!

In this edition you’ll find news about: A. R. Steele, Amy Sparling, Andrea Dalling, Anna Wineheart, Beau Bishop, DeAnna Knippling, Demelza Carlton, Edit Scott, Hunter Frost, Katie Curtis, Kristy Nicolle, Lena Mae Hill, Lila Dipasqua, Liv Rider, May Sage, Silvia Violet, Wolf Specter



Amy’s new book just hit the stores, people! GET YOUR CASH OUT!

  • Lana’s Ex Prom Date

lana's ex prom date.jpg



Steele just revealed the cover for her new novel and IT IS BREATHTAKING! Unfortunately, it’s all we have until January, haha! No profile at goodreads, no blurb, just hotness all over!




Andrea has a new book in town, published by Lovelight Press!

  • Temptation by Design

Release date: Dec. 5th

temptation by design.jpg



I’ve met Anna online at the Big Gay Giveaway some months ago and her new book is finally out – I LOVE friends to lovers novels ❤

  • The Wizard’s Desire

Release date: Dec. 06th

the wizard's desire.jpg




Beau has a new release with a hot cover and an even better blurb ❤ *runs to Amazon*

  • Sunlight

Release date: Dec. 16th

sun light.jpg




DeAnna just released a new horror story that made me shiver only by reading the blurb lol

  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Release date: Dec. 04th




I’ve met Demelza over my Instagram active time and she just released a new book that sounds awesome!!

  • Halcyon, The Complex series

Release date: Dec. 10th




I just met Edith Scoot through Lovelight Press’ newsletter and I’m already in love ❤ Here’s the latest release!

  • Tiger Tricks

Release date: Dec. 08th

tiger tricks.jpg



Another lovely author met at the Big Gay Giveaway from some weeks ago! She just revealed the cover for her upcoming novel and we already have a Goodreads’ page for it!

  • Cemeteries by Moonlight

Release date: Jan. 18th

cemeteries by moonlight.jpg



I just met Katie through one of my 7638490347489 bookish newsletters thanks to the release of The Bride Tournament! I’m a goner and I already want it, haha!

  • The Bride Tournament

Release date: Dec. 07th

the bride tournament.jpg



My friend Beth, from Betwixt the Pages, introduced me to this trilogy and I can’t wait to start it!! The author just released the last book =)

  • The Kiss That Changed Me (The Tidal Kiss Trilogy #3)

Release date: Dec. 10th

the kiss that changed me.jpg



Lena just released the second book in the When in Rome duology and it sounds as cute as the first!

  • When in Rome… Break His Heart

Release date: Dec. 06th

when in rome break his heart.jpg



I’ve came across Lila on one of my 438584884512 bookish newsletters and her new release sounds awesome: an ugly duck regency retelling =O

  • The Lovely Duckling (Fiery Tales #8) – can be read as a standalone

Release date: Dec. 09th

The Lovely Duckling.jpg



I just met Liv the other week when I downloaded a freebie from her AND OMG HER WRITING IS AMAZING AND I NEED MORE! So here’s her new release =)

  • Dragon Sun

Release date: Dec. 12th

dragon sun.jpg



May keeps changing the covers of her Not Quite The Fairy Tale series and here’s the comparison between the covers for the fourth book, The Snow Queen! I personally prefer the old cover on this one…

frame old and new cover comparation.png




Silvia has two releases coming! A Carnal Agreement, a hot straight historical novel, will be here later this month and she also revealed the cover for her next gay book and IT IS STEAMY! We don’t have a goodreads page yet, but who cares? LOOK AT THAT COVER. I NEED IT!

  • A Carnal Agreement

To be available at Dec. 27th

a canal agreement.jpg

  • Revolutionary Temptation

To be available at January, 17th

revolutionary temptation.jpg

Cover designed by Meredith Russell



I’ve discovered this M/M author earlier this year, on a freebie frenzy I had during September, haha! And now there’s a new book in town about DRAGONS OMG!

  • The Dragon’s Secret

Release date: Dec. 08th

the dragon's secret.jpg



And we’re done for the day! Much easier with just the covers for now, haha! I’ll get the hang of this, I promise =)

Thanks so much for reading! Have you guys heard any juicy gossip about hot new books?? Let me know!

With love,


11 thoughts on “Mailbox News #3

  1. I am loving the combination of hot men AND puppies on some of these covers hahaaa. Temptation by Design looks good, might give that one a go for my next m/m read (after All in with the Duke, of course!) ❤

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