Pandas, pandas all over the place!

GUUUUUUYS, WE HAVE PANDAS! We have pandas everywhere!

Last time that I changed things, it wasn’t anything major – just a new header and the teddybears. THIS TIME IT IS HUGE! Colors, pandas, everything is different!


I’ve updated my menus, the descriptions… Everything now contains my inner animal: a panda! /o/ According to Jenny, this is quite argueable, as she is convinced I’m a cat with Reading abilities, but she has known me for only 18 years, so what does she knows about my royal panda self?

Besides the new panda header and the colors to enhance it, I also did new tags, a new goodreads button and new headers for some sections:

this is the new look of my blog section tags!



the new goodreads button!



The Mailbox News, that started the revolution



And the Friday Fever header, a tribute to my awesome lovely Princess Penguin Beth!


The monthly wrap up also will have a new header, but that is still on the oven, so you’ll only see it next year, haha! Sorry =P

Just reforcing that the pandas are not mine! They were designed by @elsystudio and I just did the glueing with Photoshop!

I had been thinking of changing things for a while now, but only after starting to actively bother talk to Beth, from the Betwixt The Pages, that I put my panda-ish but to work, haha! So THANK YOU, Beth!!!

Please, let me know what you guys think of the new panda face of the blog =D

With love and a new signature as well,


15 thoughts on “Pandas, pandas all over the place!

    • Thanks soo much, Kara!! It was really fun to put so many pandas around here, haha! And thanks sooo much for showing me this t-shirt! I’m in love already ❤ I wish I could afford the shipping, ugh! International mail is the worst! =(


    • AWWWWW YOU ARE SOOO AWESOME, HACHI!!! I love you to the core, you know it, right? ❤ ❤ ❤ I'm so incredibly happy you liked the pandas, haha! Next time, I'll do it all red panda themed LOL Thanks for stopping by!


    • Thanks soooo much, Cait!! I love them, I feel so represented, haha! I have big black bags under my eyes due lack of overall sleep and a klutz, so I felt I needed to assume my inner animal LMAO #what #pandalogic
      Thanks for stopping by! Prudence sends her love, along a broken porcelain ballerina she just pushed off herself this morning #shelves #tootemperamental


    • You diiid, thanks soo much!!! ❤ ❤ I'm in love with the pandas too, haha! I particularly like your current design, but I think you'll change it on the right time – I mean, I could have waited for 2017, but I felt the pull and POOF, pandas! Hahahahahaha I'm sure you'll come up with something so cool you'll tell yourself you just have to do it and, when you least expect it, POOF, new blog ❤

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