Bookish news: a cool summary of what I’ve seen on my inbox this week!

Hi, guys! Hope everyone is happy and ready for Friday, because it’s almost here! ❤ To help you see the light and to make the week go by faster, I prepared another edition of the Bookish News that I receive on the comfort of my inbox, haha!

You see, I’m a sucker for newsletters. I’m positive I’m signed up to over a hundred of them easily enough, haha! Mostly are bookish, as you’d expect, and sometimes I get to see really nice releases or news from authors that deserve to be shouted to the world ❤ And that’s what I’ll be doing today =)

Just as I did last time, you’ll find the bookish news sorted alphabetically by the author’s first name because I want it that way, haha! #backstreetboysfeelings

On this post, you’ll find news about: Amy McNulty, B. Kristin McMichael, DeAnna Knippling, Lucy Abbot, Michelle Madow, R. J. Scott and Riley Knight.


As you may have noticed, I just reviewed the whole Never Veil series, from Amy McNulty, during this month, haha! We go way back and I’m really happy to call Amy a friend, as she always listens to my babbles and always has a spare moment to reply to my e-mails ❤ Thank you, Amy! So, I’m here today to announce that the first book in the Never Veil series, Nobody’s Goddess, is currently priced 99 cents! Yes, less than a dollar! And subscribers of Kindle Unlimited can read it for free =) I gather this offer is valid only until December 1st, but I’m not really sure as no one said anything, haha! (My only clue is that the book is part of a November Fair – check here, so it would be only logical that it ends on Dec. 1st?) MY POINT IS: GO GRAB IT NOW!! ❤

You can read here my review for Nobody’s Goddess!

  • Nobody’s Goddess (Never Veil #1)

Release Date: Sep. 21th



In a village of masked men, each man is compelled to love only one woman and to follow the commands of his “goddess” without question. A woman may reject the only man who will love her if she pleases, but she will be alone forever. A man must stay masked until his goddess returns his love—and if she can’t or won’t, he remains masked forever.

Seventeen-year-old Noll’s childhood friends have paired off and her closest companion, Jurij, found his goddess in Noll’s own sister. Desperate to find a way to break this ancient spell, Noll instead discovers why no man has ever chosen her. She is in fact the goddess of the mysterious lord of the village, a man who refuses to let Noll have her right as a woman to spurn him.

Thus begins a dangerous game between the choice of woman and the magic of man. The stakes are no less than freedom and happiness, life and death—and neither Noll nor the veiled lord is willing to lose.

Winner of The Romance Reviews’ Summer 2016 Readers’ Choice Award in Young Adult Romance.

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McMichael and I met when I bought the ebook for The Legend of the Blue Eyes (which I naturally haven’t yet, unfortunately), and since then I’m a subscriber of hers too. She has a new release in town and *waits for the drums* IT’S A MERMAID BOOK!! ❤ In case the caps lock didn’t give me up, I’m a sucker for mermaid books *–* Come and meet the first book of The Merworld Trilogy!

  • Water and Blood (The Merworld Trilogy #1)

Release date: Nov. 20th



Beaches, sun, and swimming was what Whitney thought she’d get when she moved all the way across the country to the Atlantic Coast. It was a chance to start over, a fresh start outside the paranormal night human world she grew up in. She was ready to be a normal human; one who didn’t have to worry about drinking blood or all the fighting that went on in that world.

Perfectionist Sam did everything well. He protected his family and friends as he swore he would. He had jobs to help everyone survive while they hid in plain sight. He even taught swimming lessons. His life was perfect, at least until Whitney showed up in his town. Without thinking of the consequences, Sam makes a choice to follow his heart for a change. That choice changes everything, maybe for better or for worse.

After one year of getting used to her new reality, Whitney discovers that maybe she was never meant to leave the night human world after all. Deciding to take swimming lessons, she is paired with high school hottie, Prince Sam as her friends called him. That one decision changes her life, and she’s quickly thrown right back into the night human world she thought she was getting away from. The only question is: Can she survive going back?

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I’ve met DeAnna last year, at a Goodreads giveaway for her book Alice’s Adventures in Underland: The Queen of Stilled Hearts =) Since then, I’m a subscriber to her newsletter and her our tale begins, haha! This week, DeAnna released a short story that promises to be mind blowing:

  • How Smoke Got Out of the Chimneys

Release Date: Nov. 22th



London, England. 1840.

Gangs of four- and five-year-old orphans are being used as “apprentice” chimney sweeps–they’re the only ones who can fit down the narrow chimneys, taking brushes and baskets down with them into upper-class Victorian homes to scrape out the creosote.

It’s good for ’em, don’tcher know?

Caroline, a.k.a. the infamous Smoke, is one of the older orphans, who help lift and lower the smaller ones, handle the customers, and keep the gang runner, Hasty Wallace, from flying off the handle. But rumor is, it’s time to shuffle the sixteen-year-old orphan off to other business ventures. Ones with mattresses. Lots of mattresses. If it were up to Hasty (and it is), Caroline will disappear into a brothel in Whitechapel…or a ditch. Honestly, he doesn’t care which.

It’s time for Caroline to get out of the chimney business. And maybe it’s time that Hasty Wallace learned a thing or two about orphans…

As the book doesn’t have a Goodreads page yet, I’ll leave you guys with the direct link for it on Amazon, here =)


I’ve came across this release on Lovelight Press’ newsletter =) I had never heard of this author before, but her new paranormal gay romance is already on my shelves on Goodreads and on my December list for ebook buying (I’m not gonna lie, the thing is getting so huge… I hope I can buy at least half of the ebooks I want this year, haha!).

  • Preacher’s Summit

Release Date: Nov. 25th



In a chaotic world of passion, there is no place for logic.

Joshua ‘Preacher’ Rhodes lives his life one moment at a time. Passion and desire are as important to him as the safety of his pack alpha, and in his uncomplicated life of sex and alcohol, he’s found an easy balance for his life. But complacency is taking its toll, and Preacher wonders if there’s more out there than the small world he’s hidden himself in for so long.

In an ordered world of magic, there is no place for disorder.

Asher ‘Ash’ Erics operates with efficiency and effectiveness. Logic and rationale are his watchwords. Loyalty runs deep as he supports the efforts of his boss and his organization of Mages he’s one day to lead. But something is lacking in his buttoned up world of order, something Ash has no time for. As far as Ash is concerned, he has everything he needs.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

When a dangerous outside force comes against the supernatural factions, Preacher and Ash must put aside their differences to recover a kidnapped supernatural and root out the traitor in their midst. But in a world half-truths and omitted information, can they overcome different agendas and find that place in the middle ground to get the job done, and find the love they both need?

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And my ebooks from Michelle keep piling up on my e-reader, omg! She just released the fifth and last book in her Elementals series and I haven’t even started the first, #SHAMEONME! In case you haven’t heard of Michelle yet, I politely ask you where have you been on the blog world since last year? I leave here the Goodreads profile for the first book in the Elementals series and her official website, where you can grab the book FOR FREE! EXACTLY, NO COSTS AT ALL! =D

  • The Hands of Time (Elementals #5)

Release Date: Nov. 25th



Time is running out. War will be waged. Sacrifices will be made.

Months ago, Nicole Cassidy’s life was turned upside-down when she discovered that she was a witch descended from the Greek gods. She and the four other witches gifted with elemental powers fought all over the world—and in another dimension—to battle the supporters of the Titans and fight for the people they love.

Now the Elementals must stop Typhon—the most dangerous monster in the world—from rising, and seal the portal to the dangerous prison world of Kerberos. But they won’t be able to do that without facing their hardest decision yet… a sacrifice so great that it may be one they’re not willing to make.

Get ready for the stunning, action-packed conclusion to the bestselling Elementals series, with twists and turns that you’ll never see coming!

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I’ve met R. J. Scott only recently through the Big Gay Giveaway that over 85 authors held together during Thanksgiving week and I haven’t reached her book yet, oops! The fact is that she seems to write just my kind of gay romance and, until proven otherwise, I’m a follower of hers, haha =D But let’s talk about updates: Scott has two books in the oven, with expected publication in December! Isn’t this wonderful? Of course it is, haha!

  • Snow in Montana (Montana #4)

Available on Dec. 7th



An actor in the closet, a sheriff in love, and memories that won’t stay hidden.

Jordan Darby is known as the King of Christmas. The star of eight made-for-TV Christmas movies, the leading man who always gets his girl. Filming at Crooked Tree Ranch in Montana, in the ice and snow, Jordan is fighting to make a go of his new company and dealing with fears of exposure over one huge secret. After all, who the hell would buy into him being a romantic straight lead if rumors about him being gay were proven to be true?

Sheriff Ryan Carter is advising on the new movie being made at Crooked Tree. He hoped this would be one day of work and nothing more. Until, that is, he meets the hero. But while Jordan is sexy, he’s also very much stuck in the closet—everything that Ryan doesn’t need in his life. And then lust becomes part of the equation, and Ryan’s quiet life is thrown into turmoil.

Their story unfolds against the chaos that overtakes the ranch, with Adam regaining memories that terrify him and make him look at Justin differently, and Justin leaving the ranch to make things right. Only through trusting in love and friendship can Justin and Adam learn to look to the future instead of letting the past destroy everything. But will they ever see clearly enough to do that? And will Crooked Tree Ranch settle back into its usual Montana tranquility?

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  • The Road To Frosty Hollow

R. J. Scott & Meredith Russell – Available on Dec. 14th



Nick and Cameron face old demons, and find new love, on a Christmas road trip.

Former Marine Nick Sheridan is at a crossroads. With his entire life ahead of him he struggles to find direction and his place in the world. Car sharing to get home for his sister’s Christmas wedding seems like a good idea at first. Spending the time with the man he kissed and left years before, maybe not so much.

Cameron Bennett lost most of his teenage years to cancer and he now lives every day to the fullest. He decides to drive from Seattle to Vermont for his best friend’s wedding and capture moments of it on film. He hadn’t planned on car sharing with the man who kissed him ten years ago, but somehow he ends up with a brooding Nick by his side.

Along the way, the men learn that sometimes life plans mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Love can be found in the most unexpected of ways, and facing your demons head on is sometimes the only way to live.

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Riley Knight is an author from Lovelight Press and I’ve came across this delightful gay Christmas release on their newsletter =) I’m not familiar with the author, but I already added the book to my Goodreads list and to my ebook list to be bought in December, haha!

  • Snow Angels

Release date: Nov. 25th



Sometimes, what you really need can be found where you least expect it … Even in your own house.

Billy and James both work more than they do anything else. Billy is a firefighter, James a paramedic, and both of them have dangerous, stressful jobs that leave little time for anything else, such as romance or even dating.

Then Polly, an adorable little black and white kitten that they rescue, comes into their lives and changes everything. James has always thought he was straight, but soon, he has reason to question that, and everything else, when he realizes that he’s falling for his best friend.

Will a blast from James’s past ruin everything that they’ve started to build, or can the magic of the holiday season give them the best gift of all?

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And that’s it! I’m also preparing my list of hot new releases happening in December, based on the Goodreads newsletter, just stay tuned to see more cool books that are about to leave the oven =D For obvious reasons, the titles featured on this post won’t be present on my Goodreads one, but I’m working on a way to catalogue all monthly releases into the same place for easy access. I’ll get there. Or maybe I just need to go back to therapy because the OCD is getting worse? Oh, well. Point is: thank you for reading, you can expect more from me tomorrow and see you around!

With love,


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