Quick update

So, my desktop computer, the one in which I live on, is broken. I’m stuck with an old laptop that overheats over anything, so it’s almost impossible to write reviews and posts on this thing. I hope to have things fixed before the end of October, ugh.

In other news, I made a bet with Jen, one of my offline bffs: I’ll attempt to read all five books in the Game of Thrones series in 30 consecutive days. I’ve started my reading on September 27th, so I have until October 27th to finish them all. If I win (which Jen and I totally know it’s happening ;D), she’ll buy me a book. If she wins, I’ll have to sit with her and watch wherever fandom movies she wants me to and I’ll have to like it, hahaha!

So, obviously, I AM GOING TO WIN THIS!

this is sparta

And that’s it, haha! I’ve been more active on Instagram again and, soon enough, I hope to be able to write in here too!

What’s everybody up to? 🙂

Love you all and see you eventually, haha!


9 thoughts on “Quick update

    • Thanks, doll! I’m dying without my screen, I hope to have it back by Monday 😦 And thanks! I think I’ll make it indeed, as I’m in the middle of the fourth book and still have a week and a day to finish it =D


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