Technical problems + needed personal space

Hello, guys! Wow, can you believe that is has been a month since the last time I posted? Yeah, it’s terrible.

I’m having tech issues with WordPress at home, as it won’t load on any of my navigators, and that is the major reason why I stopped posting regularly. It is not often that I have a breathing time here at work to make posts, so I’m still studying how I’ll get over this barrier.

On a more personal note, the distance did me wonders. I love blogging and love all of you, but sometimes we need to be alone to sort things out. I’m one of those people that go to a far away mountain and talk to no one when I am in serious trouble, unfortunately. This time away allowed me to accept better the fact that my little Lady is gone, among other personal issues raised by this happening.

I can’t promise a date to officially come back because it doesn’t really depend on me and we all know how it is like to depend on technology. What I do promise is to find a way to make daily posts a thing over here again. I miss talking to all of you all the time!!

Sorry for all the troubles, guys, but the stars haven’t been really on my side lately, ooops!

I will be back sooner than you all expect 🙂

Love you all,


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