The Book Theme Meme | Emerge, by Tobi Easton

Hi, there! Good morning, hope you are hanging there on this Monday 🙂

Several weeks ago I stumbled on a very sweet meme created by Lila, from The Bookkeeper’s Secrets, called The Book Theme Meme. Long story short, you have to select a book and pair it up with a theme song 🙂

the book theme meme

I usually don’t have musical themes for books, as it’s rare of me to spend time reading the same book to the point that I can select songs for it. I know it sounds awful, but what can I do? Haha!

However, sometimes coincidences happen and I stumble on songs that are the face of my current read. That’s the story of Emerge, by Tobi Easton, and I Want You, from Blake Lewis ❤ But let’s talk about the rules for the meme, shall we?

~> Link back to the originator (Lila @ The Bookkeeper’s Secrets);

~> Choose a book or series;

~> Choose a song that you feel represents the book (fyi: it doesn’t have to have words, it can be classical or score);

~> Tell us what about the song reminds you of the book. Is it a particular lyric/s? Is it the general feeling of the song? Explain a little.

Now that everything is clear, let’s get back to my chosen book and song!

There was I, reading Emerge, by brilliant Tobi Easton (review here!), and listening to my iPod on my living room, when I Want You starts to play.

from my Instagram 🙂

For you guys to understand a little, let me describe the book for you:

Lia is literally a fish out of the water. Being a teenager is complicated, but being a teenager that is also a mermaid – and one that has never lived on the sea – is way worse. She can’t even confess to her high school crush, Clay Ericson, and tell him how handsome his smile is, as he is a human. Never mind the fact that her parents want her to fit into the human world, Lia still is forbidden to date one.

For one year, Lia was in control of her emotions. She put distance between herself and Clay, focused on studying and keeping her legs firmly on the ground – literally. She wasn’t happy, but wasn’t unhappy either, as this is just how things are for her race since the disaster with The Little Mermaid. Yup, that one.

Until Mel becomes the new girl and an octopus on Clay, with her hands and body all over him. It’s beyond painful for Lia to watch them together, but there is nothing she can do to compete with a human girl… Which Mel totally isn’t.

Over Lia’s dead body that she will allow another mermaid to play with Clay’s feelings.

The war is on.

from my review 🙂

And here you can listen I Want You, from Blake Lewis (ignore the video, it’s fanmade).

Now you have background, let’s talk about the song:

When I touch you, there is no more hurting

We’re more than lovers freezing time

Bound together, bodies resonating

Getting louder as we climb

‘Cause you and me

We break the laws of gravity

And I, I believe

You’ve been waiting for too long,

so give in to your fantasy

I want you, you burn into me

Your taste runs through my mouth

I want you, lost in ecstasy

You shiver as I’m going down…

You move like honey as you brush against me

Your body language sends you off

You whisper closely, baby wont you hold me

So I’ll never let you go

‘Cause you (’cause you), and me (and me)

We break the laws of gravity

And I, I believe

You’ve been waiting for too long,

so give in to your fantasy

I want you, you burn into me

Your taste runs through my mouth

I want you, lost in ecstasy

You shiver as I’m going down…

That’s basically the song. As you can see in AZLyrics, he repeats the bridge and chorus one more time, but here I already have enough to work with, haha!

This song translates completely how Lia and Clay feel about each other. Lia has denied herself the pleasure of being with Clay in all kinds of sense for so long that, when she has the chance to touch him and be with him, she loses it. I can’t give you detailed info because, hello, spoilers, but trust me. Also, their romance breaks so many laws in Lia’s world – and in Clay’s world too, if we consider that mermaids shouldn’t exist – that breaking gravity’s law would be easy to add to their infractions’ list, haha!

And, most important: every time Lia and Clay were together, they felt complete, whole. As if a piece of them was put back where it belonged. Oh, and there is the matter of Blake Lewis’ voice and Samantha Jones’ back vocals. This song has all the feelings of a mermaid song and if I could hear mermen folk sing, I am a 100% that it would sound exactly as Blake Lewis does in this track 🙂

Okay, that was a lot of jibber jabber to say two things: a) READ THIS BOOK; and b) LISTEN TO THIS SONG.

Now I’m happy, haha! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my answer to this meme 🙂 I don’t think I’ll be a regular at Lila’s meme, but I’m going to make sure to always participate whenever I have the perfect song for a book!


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