Book Shop Discovery: Castlekeys

Hello, there! Welcome to another of my serendipity filled posts, haha! There was I surfing Etsy one boring day at lunch and stumbled across Castlekeys, a really cool store from Texas, USA, ran by this girl called Tanya 🙂


“Welcome to Castle Keys! We carry many different styles of key charms, key pendants, and fairy tale themed items. We hope you find something enchanting!”

I only found her store at Etsy, so I don’t know if she is also on Instagram 😦 But she ships worldwide, has awesome references – you see, I haven’t personally bought from her, so I can attest to anything, unfortunately – and a very original set of products. It may come off as a shock, but Castlekeys’ specialty is keys, haha! There are copper, silver, gold, bronze and black gunmetal keys. And that’s not all! She also has rings, necklaces, pendants, book charms, little bottles… And they are all wonderful with really good prices 😀

I’m sorry I’m unable to give you exact dollar pricings, as my shitty Etsy profile lists prices automatically in my own currency – don’t get me wrong, it’s better for me, but it makes things harder on moments like this, haha! And of course I had to select my favorite products of said store 😉

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*estimated prices; final values may diverse according to your currency

I’m sure I’ll be broke in the moment I have a credit card of my own again, haha!

You can find Castlekeys here:

Etsy Store

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you guys like this new store ❤ If anyone has already bought from it, please share your experience with us!


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