Threshold, from Jordan L. Hawk (Whyborne & Griffin #2)

Hello, good night! Once upon a time, in last April, Jess, from the Mud and Stars, I read Threshold, the second book in the Whyborne & Griffin series, by brilliant Jordan L. Hawk and only now I realized that I never posted my review for it. I’m a lost cause, seriously, haha! Anyway, better late than never, so here we go!


the story

Whyborne has all the reasons to be happy. He’s been living with his lover, Griffin, for a while now in blissful peace. That is, until his fox of a father hires Griffin to investigate strange events on one of his coal mines, located at Threshold Mountain.

As strange happenings have been reported with a high frequency lately, Whyborne decides to accompany Griffin on the investigation and his best friend, Christine, decides to just the same. After a huge finding at Egypt, the archeologist has a great deal of paperwork and any excuse to avoid it sounds great.

As if fatal accidents, disappearances and hushed secrets weren’t enough to creep Whyborne out, he finds out that a former work colleague of Griffin is also working on the city. Elliot wasn’t simply beautiful, good humored and smart: he also had to be Griffin’s ex-lover.

Things are looking great already.


the analysis

Just remembering that those are my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

As if it was possible to not like anything that Jordan writes, haha! I loved Threshold even more that the first book! It was darker, funnier, sexier and totally swoon worth *–* Whyborne once again made his way into my heart and the mystery always drove me nuts! Seriously, just five stars aren’t enough!


The narrative was once again first person styled, from Whyborne’s point of view. I really love his as a narrator, so I didn’t even bat an eyelash to this aspect, haha! Also, I really think that first person works well in mystery books – assuming that everything will be revealed in the end to the reader, of course!

thumbs up

The plot was complex and had many mysteries to keep the reader guessing. From the moment that Whyborne, Griffin and Christine left Widdershins, the roller coaster had only one way: down. I was surprised to find a way more darker and creepier atmosphere in Threshold than on the previous book. Hawk’s writing also was fantastic and somehow even better ❤ Seriously, this whole book is too good!

The characters were once again so lively and real that I wanted to hug them! Whyborne grew up so much in this book, even more than he did in the last. Griffin also evolved a lot and now I’m more sure that he loves Whyborne just as much as Whyborne loves him. I often felt like it was a one sided relationship, but it was awesome to be wrong, haha!

Also, Christine was seriously badass and made all the males in this book – Whyborne and Griffin included – look like whining slackers, haha! The woman can shoot like a damn soldier =O And was the reason behind many of my our loud laughs while reading Threshold, haha!

Once again, I can’t say a thing about villains and culprits as to not spoiler the book, but know this: YOU WON’T SEE IT COMING AND EVEN AFTER IT DOES COME, YOU WILL KEEP WONDERING HOW IT WAS POSSIBLE!

i have heart palpitaions

Now let’s get serious for a moment. I need to highlight the amazing historical research behind this book. Hawk describe the life on the mines in the end of the 19th century so vividly and accurately that my heart clenched. Being a History nuts, I had already made some previous research on miners lives in that time and it is not pretty. Hawk didn’t glamour up anything in the experience, but also didn’t bet on the melodramatic. Her tone is one of conformity while facing one more awful thing engraved on Human’s History and I thought it very appropriated. We can’t deny it happened, we don’t need to make a scene because it happened. We acknowledge and keep going.

Another highlight were the sex scenes. OMG IT WAS HOT! I loved every second of them and I love how Hawk doesn’t abuse on hot scenes to keep her reader interested 🙂

britney spears hot hot hot

Oh, and I brought some of the best quotes of the book for you to understand why you NEED this series on your life:

“A great deal of whiskey had been consumed, and I wondered what Father would think if he knew how his money was being spent. Actually, never mind. If he knew I’d spent the night surrounded by female prostitutes, he’d probably consider it a sign of improvement.” – Whyborne


“If you find you need anyone shot, send word and I’ll come at once.” – Christine


“Please stop reading the licentious affairs of others and return to the task at hand.” – Griffin


“I’d managed to disappoint everyone among the living, so I might as well start adding the dead to the list.” – Whyborne


And this killer dialogue:

Whyborne: “My dearest pudding pie,” I read aloud.

Griffin: Yes, my little turnip?

Whyborne: Hilarious. If you ever call me anything of the sort again, we shall have words.


I told you that you needed Whyborne & Griffin in your life ❤

Overall, if you like paranormal, mystery, historical and gay romance, stop sitting or standing there reading this review and come join me on the fandom army of Whyborne & Griffin!


goodreads icon

Thanks for reading my review and a special thanks to Jess for indulging me on book club and bearing with me on diet-coke-drunk nights and a high amount of fangirling over those boys, haha! Love you, Jess!


13 thoughts on “Threshold, from Jordan L. Hawk (Whyborne & Griffin #2)

  1. Great review!!! 🙂 I kind of lost my way last month and didn’t manage to write a review 😦 but yours is awesome. I LOVE Christine, she is such a badass! And those quotes are hilarious – the pudding pie/turnip one killed me hahahaa. I think I’m gonna download the next book soon ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that is never too late for a book review, haha! And I’m so glad you loved it!! I was going to include *that* quote in which Whyborne confesses what Griffin did to him in bed the other night, but thought better of it, haha! It is too explicit and one of the highlights of the book, so I didn’t want to spoil LOL
      AND PLEASE LET’S MARATHON THE NEXT BOOK TOGETHER!! Whyborne & Griffin without you sounds strange now D: … And that came out really wrong, HAHAHAHAHAH!

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      • I am so behind with book reviews 😦 I’m feeling very slumpy about writing at the moment. I feel like this might be a month of book tags, but I am going to *attempt* to write a review of something tomorrow. Whatever I feel inspired by haha. OMG I had totally forgotten about *that* quote but hahahaha that killed me! Yes I agree, too explicit for wordpress and so much more fun to discover for yourself hahaha 😛 And YES TO W&G MARATHON!! That will be awesome ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Me too :(( Stupid work won’t let me write, haha! And book tags are always awesome – I at least love to read and do them, haha! And I will have to insist on you writing reviews for book club! IT CAN BE ON 2045, BUT PLEASE DO SO LOL
        And I guess we already know what we will be reading after Frankenstein, haha! (I’m sure I mispelled it, oops!)

        Liked by 1 person

      • OMG yes I know exactly what you mean about work getting in the way of writing. Ugh stupid work 😭 hahaa it may be 2045 at this rate! And yesss we should definitely make it our next book after Frankenstein (you spelled it right 😃)

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      • YASSS! It’s a date, haha! And the best thing is that book club doesn’t count on book buying bans, as you need the book or you may be quicked out =O (ok, I’d never do that, but the world doesn’t need to know that I’ve got a butter heart, haha! lololol) And I’m feeling a champ for spelling it right /o/ hahahaha!

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      • Yayyy, I love finding excuses to break my book buying ban! I already broke it 3 times this month hahah. I might as well admit I’m not really taking this ban very seriously…

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