BOOK TOUR: Princess Adele’s Dragon, by Shirley McLain

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Hello, there! Good morning and look who’s back with another blog tour 😀 Yes, my royal self, with a tour hosted by Lola’s Blog Tours! We’ll be talking about Princess Adele’s Dragon, by Shirley McLain ❤

Princess Adele's DragonPrincess Adele’s Dragon
By Shirley McLain
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: March 22th, 2016


Princess Adele lives with her brother, Robert, the King of Valdoria in the castle. There has been a monster terrorizing the Kingdom for months. The King has finally come to a decision on how to deal with the monster but the Princess can’t agree with him. For the sake of the Kingdom Princess Adele decides she must be the one to kill the dragon. She couldn’t live with herself if her brother went ahead with his plans.

What Adele found on her quest changed her life and the lives of those around her. She was a strong young woman who knew what she wanted and would do whatever it took to get it. Follow Princess Adele as she battles to save her home and her life.

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Yes, you can be excited: Shirley McLain herself stopped by today to indulge me on a Guest Post! *–*


As you guys may have guessed, I asked Shirley to tell us 5 interesting facts about Princess Adele’s Dragon ❤ Shirley, thanks so much for taking the time to be here! I’ll let the post on your hands now 🙂

5 Interesting Facts About My Book

Hello, it’s great to meet you. I want to thank Annelise for the privilege of being able to share her blog for today. As you see from the title, I’m writing five interesting things about my book, Princess Adele’s Dragon. What creates interest for one may not for the next one, but I will do the best I can.

My book is a Young Adult Fantasy eBook based in Medieval times when Dragons, Knights, Witches and Christianity and war were prevalent. I fully enjoyed doing the research about this time period. I created a blog earlier on the History of Dragons. You know those big scaly things that legends are made of. The big, green dragon in my book has been given the name, Draiocht (DREE-oct). This name means Magic, enchantment, from lore and arts of the Druids of pre-Christian Ireland and Celtic society. This character will surprise you.

The second fact is I have two protagonists as well as two antagonists. Princess Adele and Prince Anthony are the protagonists and Lord Ashmore and Mickael are the antagonists. I didn’t plan the story that way but my muse decided it needed to play out with the four interacting in their particular roles.

Christianity has a small role in my story. It was during the medieval period that the church began the change from the Druid way to one of Christianity. It must have been a very intense and interesting time.

The imaginary country that Princess Adele lived in was called Valdoria. I came up with that name watching “Dancing with The Stars.” There is a professional dancer (very cute) who just happens to have the name of Val. He and his partner were dancing when Valdoria popped into my head. So that is where I got the name of one of the primary country mentioned in my book.

I’ve always heard you write what you like to read, and I guess it was true for me. The book was fun to write and I like to read fantasy. You can do anything with your imagination. This book has everything from mild violence to love. If you would like to read it here is the link ( It is free for the reader who is a member of Amazon Direct.

I mentioned that I had written a blog earlier about the history of dragons. If you would like to check that out it is at this link.  (

As I close, I want to thank Annelise again for letting me visit her blog and you, her readers who stopped by to visit. It has been my pleasure.  Have a blessed day.

I loved your facts, Shirley! The wonderful things that pop up on our minds when we are distracted, right?? 😉 Thanks so much for being here today, it meant the world to me!! ❤

the author

Shirley McLain

Shirley McLain makes her home in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, with her husband and their fur family of four dogs and three cats. She also has two grown children, six grandchildren and twin great-grand sons. She has/is living a very full life. She retired after working thirty-two years as a RN and then began a full time writing carrier. She and her husband enjoy their five-acre country home. It is a perfect setting to let Shirley’s Muse work it’s magic. Shirley is an eclectic writer and has always enjoyed the writing process. Shortly after her retirement she woke up one morning with the thought that she was going to write a book. She didn’t stop writing until she’d finished her first book. So far she has published four books which are now on Amazon. Her goal is to bring as much enjoyment to her readers as they deserve and want.

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That’s it, thanks for reading! Also, thanks to Shirley for being here today and indulging me and to Lola’s Blog Tours, for my spot on the tour!





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