June TBR!

Sorry, I know this is like super late, as we are already on June, but oh well, at least I made the effort, haha! Let’s go to my list:

  • It’s Not Your Journey, by Rebecca Lombardo (which I ended up finishing this week);
  • The Way to Game The Walk of Shame, by Jenn P. Nguyen (which I ended up finishing this week);
  • The Reluctant Sacrifice, by Kerr-Ann Dempster (which I ended up finishing this week);
  • The Harder He Falls, by Lynda Aicher (currently-reading);
  • Maisy and the Mystery Manor, by Elizabeth Woodrum;
  • Grimm and White, by Emily Ann Hansen;
  • Dominic’s Nemesis, by D. Alyce Domain;
  • Enrule, by Holly Sparks;
  • Daughter of Magic, by Teresa Roman;
  • 27 Days to Midnight, by Kristine Kruppa;
  • Boyband, by Jacqueline E. Smith;
  • Backstage, by Jacqueline E. Smith;
  • Melophobia, by James Morris;
  • Lost, by D. M. Thornton;
  • Distracted, by D. M. Thornton;
  • Nobody’s Goddess, by Amy McNulty (re-read <3);
  • Nobody’s Lady, by Amy McNulty (re-read <3);
  • Stepping Out of Midnight, by Lee Brailsford;

 + all my current reads, haha!

You can see that my list isn’t too absurd like on previous months; I’m working now, so I held back a bit 🙂 Well, not that much, there are still 18 books in the list and 30 days in the month. Hmm.

Oh, and yes: no paperbacks involved, unfortunately. I plan to change that in August 🙂

Oh, let’s see how this unfolds. I’m on 3/18 🙂 Do you have a planned TBR for June?


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