Top 10 Tuesday: Villains, Criminals and other Nasties

Hi, there! Good Night, I’m late again. Forget that high-five you were storing for me :/ It used to be Tuesday until three hours ago, so I’ll just claim insanity and post my Top Rebellious 10 Tuesday list now, haha!


This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and my theme today is Villains, Criminals and other Nasties!

I noticed a pattern in my latest reads: most don’t have expressive and marked villains/antagonists at all or they have weak ones :/ I’m so incredibly shocked by this piece of news that it took me three tries to type “shocked” right I decided to pick up three cute nasties from Harry Potter for my list. Excuse my book repetition, but one shan’t ignore the queen 🙂

In no particular order of loving or hating:

 1) Draco Malfoy, from Harry Potter

draco malfoy turning from mirror harry potter

I love Draco since I’m 7, haha! He and Snape were the reasons why child me choose Slytherin as her Hogwarts house and I can say it turned out to be the right decision – I was sorted into Slytherin by Pottermore in two different occasions: 2012, as soon as the site went live, and some months ago, when the site came back up 🙂 So just leave me alone to love Draco, thanks.

sorry i annoyed you with my friendship

 2) Jack Hunter, from Love Me Never [REVIEW HERE]

love me never

I swear, Isis Blake has all the right in the world to want to destroy Jack Hunter. The guy is sooo full of himself, acting as if he owns the world!

ugh as if cher clueless

 3) Chase & Chance Logan, from Chasing Rainbows [REVIEW HERE]

chasing rainbows

Despite all the evil these evil twins performed on this book, I still found myself liking them, haha! Sometimes I just can’t with these bad boys lol

 4) Lucius Malfoy, from Harry Potter

lucius malfoy being a diva harry potter

Because everything starts somewhere and this is Draco’s inspiration. Plus, I really envy his hair.

 5) Ash, from Night World series [REVIEW HERE]

the night world vol 1

L. J. Smith knows exactly what I like in a bad boy, haha! Ash is just like a lazy blond cat just waiting to attack his prey – and purring while he waits.

 6) Horace, from The Ranger’s Apprentice series [REVIEW HERE]

the ruins of gorlan ranger's apprentice.JPG

This guy was just disgusting, but I loved how he managed to have a change of heart without losing his charm, haha!

 7) Lilith, from Tales of Kingdoms series

tales of the kingdom series

She’s seriously my favorite villain/antagonist of the female gender ❤ Badass and fearless at the same time, she is basically unloved and misunderstood – two things that another dear girl is more than happy to fix 😉

 8) Lord Voldemort, from Harry Potter

voldemort creepy smile harry potter

I seriously can’t bring myself to hate Voldemort. Be mad and angry at him? Sure, sure. Hate? NOT AT ALL. They guy is too badass to be hated, haha!

 9) Celeste, from The Selection

the selection series

I liked Celeste since day 1. She was so bipolar and ambiguous that I needed to know more about her, haha! If I were America, I’d totally have stick around Celeste sooner!!

And last but so not least…


damon salvatore the vampire diaries

I’ve been in a serious love affair with this particular guy since 2009, when I first read The Vampire Diaries ❤ The love only grew when the show began, haha!

damon salvatore how romantic

Seriously, I just can’t. Damon is too perfect. I arrest my case, haha!

Thanks for reading! Do you have a fave villain / bag character??


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