BOOK TOUR: Moorigad: Complete Age of the Hybrid Series, by Debra Kristi

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Hello, there! Welcome to YA Bound Book Tours‘ blog tour for Moorigad: Complete Age of the Hybrid Series, by Debra Kristi 😀

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Moorigad: Complete Age of the Hybrid Series

by Debra Kristi

Genre: Paranormal/Romance/Fantasy

476 pages


When Kyra, the Moorigad dragon-shifter, unwittingly finds herself at Mystic’s Carnival, a supernatural world between realms, she believes her runaway days are finished. Amidst the carnies and never-ending magic, she finds a home of the heart – friends and belonging among a gathering of paranormal beings. However, living an uncomplicated life was never one of Kyra’s strengths.

She’s falling for her all-too-secretive best friend, Sebastian. And as she delves deeper into his mysteries, her goodwill sabotages their future and her very existence.

What did Kyra do?

Can Kyra and Sebastian find their happily-ever-after?

In this action-packed, fantasy romance about two coming-of-age would-be lovers, Kyra and Sebastian’s union and strength of character will be put to the ultimate test. The stakes? Everything and everyone that ever mattered to them.

 *Now you can get the complete story with all three books-in-one, including additional chapters.

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You can find Moorigad: Complete Age of the Hybrid Series in both ebook and paperback formats 😀



Mr. Johnson stood near the entrance of the alleyway, his silhouette highlighted by the light of day bright on the street beyond. He whipped out a notepad and started taking notes.

Hell’s fire! Damn Reapers, thought Sebastian. Is this a test?

Metal groaned and a green block popped up in his peripheral view. It was the Impala’s trunk lid pointing to the sky. From the open space spilled a couple of quick, dark figures. Sebastian tensed, then threw his arms out defensively. Whatever they were, they had him flanked. He glanced at the building entrance. Could he make it without a fight? Did he even want to? Any kind of weapon would come in handy about now. Even one of those sickles he’d seen in so many silly images portraying Reapers.

He darted for the door. A blur shot straight at him, and pain splintered through his ribs. He felt the blow before he saw the crowbar. Fire spread through his side, sharp at the center and dulling as it spread outward. Ignoring instinct telling him to protect his ribs, Sebastian moved forward, pushing into the attackers.

Something caught him before he saw it, the weight knocking him to the ground.

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be our guest post

As you may have guessed from my very spoilerish cute banner, WE HAVE DEBRA HERSELF HERE WITH US TODAY! *–*


And, of course, she brought along 5 curiosities about the Moorigad world! Thanks so much for coming over here today, Debra ❤ And thanks for indulging me on this post, haha! I’ll let you take over from here 😉

What a fun topic! Thanks for asking. Let’s talk about research, fun facts, and inspirations – in no particular order. Are you ready?

1) In the second book, we finally get to see Sebastian in his element. When one of the souls he reaps is dragged off to a less than ideal destination, the method and imagery was inspired by a life after death experience recounted on a show covering the topic.

2) I grabbed my bag and ran off to every carnival within a reasonable distance to get a feel for the atmosphere, the running of the rides and games, and personalities at work. I bought tickets to the Big Top when it set up shop nearby, watched videos of the setup and teardown of circus tents, makeup application, and so much more.

3) The boy Sebastian reaps at the start of book two was inspired by someone I used to know. Yes, I went there and it was therapeutic.

4) After developing Mystic’s Carnival, writing the first book in the series, and then getting compared to The Night Circus on several occasions I finally had to procure my own copy and read the story. Yep, hadn’t read it before then. What I found: not the same, but I can see where people might feel there are similarities.

5) I stumbled across some magnificent artwork on Pinterest that reminded me of my hero and heroine. I loved it so much I tracked down the artist. Stalked her. After an introduction, we agreed to work together. She altered the art I loved, made it specific to Kyra, Sebastian, and the carnival, and turned the magnetic piece into my book cover. The dress Kyra is wearing on the cover was written into the story, after the fact, to pull all the bits together.

I hope you enjoyed these five fun facts. Thanks so much for having me. I feel blessed to be here.

I definitely enjoyed them, Debra! Thanks so much for stopping by, it was an honor! ❤ Now I really need to read my copy of Moorigad, haha! *–*


Debra was really a doll and have a lot to tell us about the Moorigad world! That includes an awesome playlist, check it out!

Do you love a good playlist? I certainly do. Admittedly, my playlists from one book to the next are vastly different. When working these books, I found I turned to music less often for the first half of the story than the second half, making the playlist for the complete collection a bit back-heavy. In the beginning, the words simply flowed without the tunes but as all the pieces started to come together things became more challenging and I found myself turning to music to help find the words. That being said, Kyra and Sebastian have a few tunes to share:

  • Speed the Collapse by Metric
  • Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling, featuring Lzzy Hale
  • The Day the World Went Away (Still) by Nine Inch Nails
  • Dragula by Rob Zombie
  • Your Disease by Saliva
  • Badass by Saliva
  • Die By the Drop by The Dead Weather
  • Tragedy by Celldweller
  • Dream Me Away by InvertedJabberwocky
  • Sinking Ship by Stephanie Lynn
  • Black Sun by Death Cab For Cutie
  • Carnivore by Starset
  • The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez ( ❤ )
  • Wonderland by Natalia Kills
  • Lost Cause by Imagine Dragons
  • Love The Way You Hate Me by Like a Storm
  • Love Don’t Die by The Fray ( ❤ )

I have the strong feeling that I’m going to pass some time researching songs on Youtube and Spotfy, haha!

Moorigad Feature 1

the author

debra kristi

Live in reality. Play on the other side.

Debra Kristi is a paranormal and fantasy writer. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two children and and three schizophrenic cats. She’s a full-time kid chaser, video game maker’s wife, and muse prompted writer. Unlike the characters she often writes, she is not immortal and her only super power is letting the dishes and laundry pile up. When not writing, Debra is hanging out creating priceless memories with her family, geeking out to science fiction and fantasy television, and tossing around movie quotes.

“She writes because the dead girl told her to.”



There is a giveaway on this tour open only to US lovely residents. If you are a lovely US resident or have someone over there that can receive the prize for you, prepare to be amazed, haha!

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One lucky winner will take home a Moorigad themed bag and tall coffee mug!

To enter, just click here and good luck: GIVEAWAY!

That’s it, thanks for reading! Also, thanks so much to Debra for being here today and to YA Bound Book Tours for my spot on this tour 😀






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