Kiss Kill Love Him Still, from Jamie Blair & Dawn Rae Miller (Kiss Kill Love Him Still #1)

Hi, there! Welcome to my first non-gay (almost) book review in a while! Okay, there is a character in this book that is homosexual, but it still breaks my pattern, haha!

Today I’ll be doing a double review session hopefully! I’ve read Kiss Kill Love Him Still series, from Jamie Blair & Dawn Rae Miller, like a mad woman on the weekend – you know, among other things – and now I’ll try to talk about both books today. The first one named the series: Kiss Kill Love Him Still! Let’s go ❤

kiss kill love him still

the story

Reggie is a girl with a secret: she’s the university drug dealer. And she’s a good one; just call it the family business. Reggie has the protection for it, delivery guys, the money. But above anything else, she has a favorite client. The only one that can get away with paying for his drugs with sex: Jackson Landis.

Reggie loves Jackson Landis to the core.

Haddie is a girl with a secret: she trades school works and papers for sex.  If you are a boy in need of a big and pretty A, Haddie is your girl. Haddie is overweight and a first class nerd in the best sense possible: Disney, Harry Potter and Unicorn references all over. But no one knows who she really is, as she promised her manipulative dad that she’d stay a virgin until her graduation in exchange of a really large trust fund. No one but one person: Jackson Landis.

Haddie loves Jackson Landis to the core.

Livie is a girl with a secret: she’s addicted to shoplifting. There is nothing else in the world that turns her more or that soothes her more. Livie can pay for anything that she steals, being the heir of a very rich family, but chooses not to. And only one person in the whole world knows Livie inside out, including her dirty hobbies: Jackson Landis.

Livie loves Jackson to the core.

Val is a girl with a secret: she’s bisexual. Raised in a deeply catholic family, Val knows that would be easier for them to have a criminal on the family than someone that appreciates their own sex. If someone suspects, she could be disowned and estranged from her family. And only one person in the world can prove how much Val enjoys girls: her best friend Jackson Landis.

Val loves Jackson to the core.

The only thing these four girls have in common is a question: which one loved Jackson Landis to the grave?


the analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

OMG OMG OMG THERE DO I BEGIN?! When I downloaded this book, I was skeptical: I’m not a great fan of Pretty Little Liars (TV Show, never read the books!) and this book definitely has a strong PLL sound to it. Also, all the characters looked so empty, why the hell would I care to know who killed Jackson Landis? The answer would probably obvious and I’d be stuck with pain in my eyes from so many eye rolls, right?


I loved Kiss Kill Love Him Still! I COULDN’T SLEEP THINKING ABOUT WHO COULD BE THE KILLER! To be honest, I’m still dying over the matter, but we’ll get there. The plot was amazingly constructed and executed, the characters were badass, each on their own way, and not even the switching point of views gave any kind of clue to the identity of the killer. And, as if it couldn’t become better, we have hot males, a wonderful cover and a killer (haha) title! HOW COULD I HATE THIS ANY LESS THAN 5 PERFECT STARS?!

these are the moments that make life worth living

I’m a little freaked out, so I’m sorry for the random rants during this review, haha!

The narrative was first person with alternating points of view. We get the chance to see the story from all girls’ angles: Reggie, Haddie, Livie and Val. I personally love Reggie, she’s by far my favorite among the four, but Haddie and Val aren’t bad either. I just have a hard time liking Livie because she’s too self-centered and selfish. You see, no girl here is innocent, but Livie just was too much. I feel like she’s a mix of Regina George, from Mean Girls, and Caroline Forbes, from The Vampire Diaries (I’m talking about season 1 Caroline, okay? Haha!). But we’ll get back at this later.

livie kiss kill love him still

The plot was breathtaking. When you think you discovered Jackson’s killer, a major twist happens and you’re left in the dark again. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Seriously, without fail. I don’t know how Blair and Miller pulled this off, BUT I DON’T KNOW! When I finally had narrowed my list to only two people, the book ended. JUST LIKE THAT.


I personally love books that steal the floor under my feet, haha! For sure it’s the best part of Kiss Kill Love Him Still and its stronger asset!

Now, the characters. As I said, I liked all the girls at some level. Even Livie, haha! I mean, she’s bad in a rare way for a YA protagonist and, while I admire this about her, she hurts the other girls with this side of her and I like the other girls. Does that make sense? Haha!

regina george mean girls bored smile

Reggie is the most badass in the group. She won’t back down from any fight, she’s brave and hell bent on her purposes. She will find Jackson’s killer not only for justice; she needs the knowledge’s piece of mind. Reggie knows that she’ll never be free from Jackson while his mess isn’t clean.

girl power

With Haddie, things go differently. I related a lot to her, as I’m also overweight and a nerd (in case you couldn’t tell, haha!), but she has one fatal flaw that I can’t forgive: permissiveness. She allows too much. She won’t talk bullshit back, she allows all girls in the group to run her for her money in hopes to be truly accepted as an equal part someday. I was never like that. I also had awful social problems at school, needed a therapist, medicines and all to get over it – and sometimes I still experience side effects from my childhood and teenage bullying. It sucked hard and things would have been much more easier for me if I had bowed to that people. If I didn’t have fought back and shouted what I thought of them on the same fashion they did with me. That’s why I can’t forgive Haddie for allowing so many people to hurt her. I fought so much in elementary and high schools that I was a warrior by the time I went to college. And guess what? I didn’t got hurt by anyone that crossed my path. Haddie stays pure in the wrong places and that’s is her biggest barrier. I really hope I can see she grow up during this series, as I don’t want her to suffer anymore.

Val was the most interesting of the four girls. She was unreadable even inside her own mind. Between several alcohol induced gaps in her memory, her identity crisis, her heart divided by her current boyfriend, Paul, and a girl that she is in love with, Val is a surprise box. She’s been on the edge for a while when the book starts, so we don’t know how much longer she can go before she snaps. Also, her relationship to Jackson was the most intriguing. They were best friends, Jackson trusted her deeply… And also blackmailed her despite their feelings for each other. If he needed her, he would use all that he got against her to make her go along with it. And even with this problem, Val didn’t stop liking Jackson – the only one of the girls that did so as a friend.


And Paul, Val’s boyfriend, made it to My Bookish Boyfriends list by being too sweet and cute ALL THE TIME ❤

To be honest, any character that Blair and Miller cared enough about to describe deeply became awesome instantly. They manage to bring all the complexity of being on the transition between teenage and adult life with the good and bad sides of both phases for all characters. I felt like I could open my newspaper and see the headlines: “no new leads on rich boy’s death found yet”. How mind blowing is that?

anna kendrick boom

Also, WHAT’S UP WITH HIS KILLING COVER AND TITLE? (you saw what I did there, haha!) It was love at first sight on my part and I’m happy to see that we have a happily ever after… For now, haha!

Overall, if you enjoy a good mystery, YA, complex characters, beautiful covers, awesome titles and seat grabbing title, hurry up and download Kiss Kill Love Him Still!


goodreads icon

By the way, I downloaded my copy of Kiss Kill Love Him Still for free on the iTunes Store! You can get your own still for free here. Just a heads up in case you decide to look for it there later without this link: they made a mistake on the title, so you’ll have to type KILL Kill Love Him Still to find the book there :/ It sucks, I know. I almost didn’t found the book on my iBooks later because of that, ugh! If you buy at US Amazon, you can also download the book for free 🙂

Thanks for reading my review and I hope you think about reading this book too! It was highly entertaining and fabulous for me 🙂


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