Quick update

Hello, guys!

I’m sorry I wasn’t around on yet another weekend, but this time it wasn’t due slacking matters as the others, unfortunately. My little lhasa apso dog, Lady, has a swollen spleen and all the weekend revolved around this, as she fainted five times during the night of Friday and the morning of Saturday. I stood awake all night with her and only caugh some sleep in the morning when my mom was able to take her to the vet.

Thank God and all the spirits, Lady seems to be fine now, but I did another surveillance night just to be sure. She didn’t faint anymore, she’s medicated and she’s once again bouncing around the house and waving her little tail. We’ll take her tomorrow or on Tuesday for more tests just to be on the safe side, but my little baby is great for now and that’s all I could ask for.

I’ll upload my planned posts for Saturday and the ones planned for today, so I apologize for the spam.

And Lady says hi 🙂

Lady in dress - 2016.JPG


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