BOOK TOUR: Ascenders: Skypunch, by C. L. Gaber (Ascenders #2)

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Hi, there! Welcome to the second book tour of the day 😀 It’s for Ascenders: Skypunch, second volume in the Ascenders series, by G. L. Gaber! 😀 And on account of YA Bound Book Tours!

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Ascenders: Skypunch

Ascenders #2

by C.L. Gaber

Genre: YA Paranormal

Release Date: April 19th, 2016


In the Midst—a place for those who die young—there are no rules except one.

And Walker Callaghan, dead at seventeen, just broke it. She briefly revisited her earthly life . . . and the punishment is eternal. Longing for her rebel love interest, Daniel Reid, Walker finds an ally in Cass, whose attraction to her is as alive as he is. “Life is short,” he tells her. “I’m banking on eternity. With you.”

 In the second book of the Ascenders Saga, a realm-jumping journey takes Walker and Daniel back to life again when they search for something buried in history. They team with students from several other schools in the middle realm including a place for teens born with oddities. It’s home to the Claires . . . beautiful, ruthless, and quite dead seventeen-year-old quads who each have a different clairvoyant gift.

Can Walker survive another adventure of an afterlife-time—or at the tender age of seventeen will she find herself on the downside of eternity?

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You can find Ascenders: Skypunch in paperback and ebook formats! 😀


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also in the series

High School for the Recently Departed (Ascenders #1)


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 the author

 C.L. Gaber is the author of the ASCENDERS SAGA and co author of Jex Malone. A well known entertainment journalist, she lives in Nevada with her husband Ron, bonus daughter Sabrina and two unruly dogs. ASCENDERS 2 is due out in early 2016.


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  • 5 lucky winners will take home a bundle with both books in the Ascenders series (High School for the Recently Departed + Skypunch) in digital format;
  • Other 5 lucky winners will take home a digital copy of High School for the Recently Departed (Ascenders #1)!

To enter this giveaway – no matter which prize you have your eyes in- just click this link and good luck: GIVEAWAY!

 That’s it, thanks for reading and thanks to YA Bound Book Tours for my spot on this tour!


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ps: You can check also my post for the cover reveal of this book 😀

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