COVER REVEAL: Elementals: The Head of Medusa, by Michelle Madow (Elementals #3)

Hi, there! Welcome to an unexpected and lovely cover reveal *–* I’m a subscriber of Michelle Madow’s newsletter and today she showed us the cover for the third book in the Elementals series, The Head of Medusa! AND IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I had to share with you guys!!

elementals the head of medusa

Elementals: The Head of Medusa

Elementals #3

by Michelle Madow

189 pages

Publication date: June 29th, 2016

Publisher: Dreamscape


Moving to a new town wasn’t supposed to be easy. But for Nicole Cassidy, it meant discovering she was a witch with never before seen elemental powers. Mysteriously given a mission that could help save the world, Nicole and four other gifted classmates journeyed to Greece, where they battled ancient monsters and barely escaped with their lives.

Now Nicole and the Elementals have returned home, and while her relationship with Blake—the fire Elemental—is finally heating up, she can’t rid herself of the guilt that she’s responsible for the death of one of their own in Greece. But she must remain focused, because the portal to the prison world of Kerberos is weakening, and Typhon, one of Earth’s deadliest creatures, has escaped. Now the Elementals must retrieve the only object in the world that can destroy this dangerous monster—the head of Medusa herself.

Follow the Elementals as they journey to the end of the world, unsure of who to trust, and facing choices that will put their lives and the entire world at risk. Will they all survive the mission? And if they don’t, will the ones who do be able to find the strength to continue?

goodreads iconI’m pinning hard to read the first book in the series, The Prophecy of Shadows, so you can imagine my happiness to see more books being added to the series, right?? If you don’t know why you should be excited about this series as well, I’ll help. Michelle provided us readers with the first four chapters of the book! You can read them for FREE on her website, clicking here!

But let’s go back to the matter in hand: so far, I only saw Elementals: The Head of Medusa in ebook format for pre-order, but I’ll update you guys on that, haha! For now, I’ll leave you with the Amazon link that I got.

purchase links


That’s it! Thanks so much for reading! I hope I have you as excited as I am for this series, haha!


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