BOOK BLITZ: Under the Trees, by Ashley Maker

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Hello, there! Good afternoon to you and I’m sorry for the delay on today’s posts, oops! I promise to try to behave better 🙂 We have two bookish news today and this one is the first: a blitz from YA Bound Book Tours for Under the Trees, by Ashley Maker!

Under the Trees

Under the Trees

by Ashley Maker

Genre: YA Historical Romance

Release Date: March 20th, 2016


Desperate to prevent an abusive arranged marriage, Princess Araya flees to a neighboring kingdom, only to land at the mercy of the impulsive Crown Prince Thoredmund, who provides refuge in a secluded forest and teaches her survival skills. Her surprise at the unexpected hold the prince has on her heart mirrors his shock at falling for the one girl he can’t have.

As the young couple’s feelings for each other grow, the fragile alliance between the two kingdoms threatens to break apart. With a vengeful duke and an enraged king fast on their trail, Thor and Araya must decide how much they’re willing to risk for love.

Even if staying together means starting a war.

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Sounds good, right?? You can find Under the Trees on ebook version only at Amazon or read it on Kindle Unlimited!


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And we have an excerpt ❤


The dark horse tore through the underbrush, bringing her close enough I could make out a pale face and a tangle of long hair. A black cloak billowed behind her. Men on horseback gave chase, darting through the trees, clearly in pursuit. All those men after one girl? Who could she be? My instincts screamed against them catching her. She could be a decoy, and they could all be spies—but what if she was in real danger?

It wouldn’t be so difficult to apprehend her, only one rider, later…

“Let her pass,” I ordered, staring my men down until they stepped aside.

The girl raced past, glancing over her shoulder for a brief moment—her eyes flashing emerald in the light of the fire—before looking ahead and leaning low on her horse’s neck.

My men gaped at me, gripping weapons with white-knuckled hands. With a jerk of my head in the direction of the riders almost upon us, I raised the bow and nocked an arrow.

“Hold the line,” I commanded. “These men stop here.”

–Prince Thoredmund

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Also, Ashley even composed the perfect song to accompany you on your Under the Trees reading 😀

Sway – Companion song to Under the Trees!

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Bellow, you can read more about Ashley Maker 🙂

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Under the Trees is Ashley Maker’s debut novel. When she’s not working on her next book, Ashley spends much of her time procrastinating on social media, relaxing with her husband and two daughters, and writing companion songs on her acoustic guitar. She has a bachelor’s degree in English, worked a short stint as a book editor, and lives in a small town in Oklahoma.

Sway, the first companion song to Under the Trees, is available to listen to and download for free at her website.



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That’s it, thanks so much for reading! And thanks to YA Bound Book Tours for the blitz 😀


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