NEW BOOK ALERT: Alain & the Duke, by A. E. Kendall!

Hi, guys! I know, it’s pretty late, but I needed to break some news to you: A. E. Kendall just released another juicy hot and delicious book on the Clash at Seas series!! *–*

Before you go saying “oh Annelise, you never mentioned this author before, you’re always blabbering about Ava March, Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon and Jordan L. Hawk and their perfect gay romances”, I’d like to tell that I’m currently reading the first book on the Clash at Seas series: The Quartermaster and The Marquis’ Son, and LOVING IT! ❤ And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank again to Kendall for sending me it in exchange for an honest review, because she practically wrote down half of my fantasies. Thanks, darling!!

But let’s go back to the matter in hand oh God why did I said it that way: Kendall’s new release! The book is a prequel to my current read and a novella, called Alain & the Duke ❤

alain & the duke.jpg

Release date: April 1st, 2016


Find out what the 2nd son of the Marquis d’ Sevigne-Chambord has been up to in the prequel of the Clash at Sea series ~

‘Alain & the Duke’ – a Clash at Sea series novella.

Alain Tristan du Montbron, the 2nd Son of the Marquis d’ Sevigne-Chambord, is in a hell of a lot of trouble.

After spending a blissful night in the arms of his lover Augustine, the Duke of Atelier, he is on his way home when he is picked up by the king’s forces.  In his pockets the soldiers find evidence pegging him a spy in the ongoing clash between the king’s forces and the Resistance that could lead him to the gallows.

With his life on the line, Alain is forced to choose between keeping his visit and ultimately his relationship with the duke a secret or coming clean and incriminating them both to save himself.

Will his love for the duke and loyalty to the man who stole his heart lead him to make the ultimate sacrifice leaving the duke to wonder what happened to his lover? Or will he redeem himself in this short novella by AE Kendall from the critically acclaimed Clash at Sea series.

The book doesn’t have a profile on Goodreads yet, but you can check it on Amazon 😀 Alain & the Duke is currently available in ebook format only 🙂


Also, you can expect a review for The Quartermaster and The Marquis’ Son any time until the end of the month, so stay tuned for more fangirling on my part ❤ And Kendall’s working on the second book in the series too, so you’ll be hearing a lot about her from now on over here, haha!

fergie im addicted and i just cant get enough

Thanks for reading and for putting up with me on my non-stop fangirling state today, haha! I love you guys ❤


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