Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite Book Characters [from 2015]

Hi, there! Sorry, I know this is a very late Top 10 Tuesday, but I kept thinking that today was Monday and almost didn’t do this post at all, oops! Better later than never, right??


The Top 10 Tuesday meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and my theme today is Favorite Book Characters. As I’ve read a bit on my life already, I narrowed the list down to my 10 favorite characters met on 2015 🙂 Here we go:

  • Michael, from the Cemetery Tours series
  • Ash, from the Night World series
  • Cash, from Stripped With the Vampire
  • Edward, from Convincing the Secretary
  • Addie, from The Chasing Series
  • Graham, from The Tutor
  • Jane, from Austenland
  • Henry, from Restless Spirits and Dangerous Spirits
  • Luke, from Percy Jackson
  • Sigmund Shaw, from his homonymous book

You can find the reviews for any of those books in my Review Index page. Oh, except for Restless Spirits, I own you guys a review for this marvelous book.

Sorry to not include pictures on this post, but I felt kind of lame just showing covers around when talking about characters, haha! I promise I’ll do better next week 🙂

Thank you for reading!



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