Must-Have Edition of the Month: Great Expectations, from Charles Dickens

Hi, there! Good Friday to you! I have to stop saying that, Friday is always good, ugh.

Anyway, another month arrived and I don’t know about you guys, but my February flew out of the window, haha! It’s the first Friday of March, which means… Must-Have Edition of the Month!

This time, I got fancy and chose a classic in a classic wrap: Great Expectations, from Charles Dickens. Nothing much? Wait for it: Penguin edition. Clothbound.


those images were found on Google and are used here with illustrative purposes only

Seriously, how did I lived so long without this beauty? It has chandeliers, for crying out loud! (Yes, I’m a chandelier freak since I was a toddler, haha!)

I just need to hug this book and make it mine.

wee i guess i can't hide my crazy.gif

That’s it, haha! Thank you for reading and stay tuned: we have nothing more and nothing less than three cover reveals today! 😀


6 thoughts on “Must-Have Edition of the Month: Great Expectations, from Charles Dickens

  1. Ooh it’s so pretty! I have the Penguin cloth bound edition of A Christmas Carol, and it’s so beautiful! I kind of want this one (I do already have a copy of Great Expectations but I haven’t actually read it yet!) Also love the New Girl gif, I love Zooey Dechanel so much ❤

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    • This clothbound editions kill me ❤ THEY ARE SO PRETTY, OMG!! And honestly, I would buy this book just for it to be pretty on my shelf, haha! I haven't read it yet, so I smell double excuse? Hahaha! And the A Christmas Carol is also insanely beautiful!! ❤

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