On blog updates and bookish boyfriends

Hi, there! So, as I said earlier, somethings have changed into my blog scheduling and I have a new posting calendar 😀

As my friend Audrey doesn’t seem to be coming back from her hiatus, we won’t have Match Made in Mondays posts for the time being 😦 To compensate that, I entered a meme that I’ve been meaning to for a long time, the Top 10 Tuesday. You know, in my own rebellious way.

Also, I entered my friend Mandy’s meme some time ago, the #DustOffYourBookshelf, and started to do book cover reveals, blitzes and tours. I only apply to show off books that interests me and I promise to never do a robot post, so don’t worry about that ❤ It’s just another way to know more new books from authors that aren’t that known yet and support them 😀

Another change lays on my Authors of my Heart ❤ posts. They will be monthly from now on – actually, I already did them monthly this month by accident, as I was travelling so much, haha! On the second Friday of the month, we have a book author. On the third Thursday, a manga author.

As I entered the Top 10 Tuesday meme, I will do some already planned Top 3 of my own and put this section on the fridge. It sounds a bit silly to keep both, haha! But of course I’ll keep doing random Top 3 book lists when I have nice themes of my own 🙂

Things that didn’t change: Manga and TBR of the Week sections + my Saturday tag day + my Must-have edition of the month posts. Also, I will keep bringing news from authors despite the book blitzes, tours and everything, just like before. We still also have my monthly hot releases section and the wrap up + book haul + tbr of the next month posts. Plus reviews as I finish reading books.

Something new that is to come is that I’ll start reviewing movies as well. I saw Austenland last week and I felt that I needed to share my bad experience. Also, my friend Vinnie encouraged me to write movie reviews as well, so I’ll give it a try. Thank you, dear!

Jeez, so many things. This is how my posting agenda looks like now:


my main day for blog tours / blitzes


Top 10 Tuesday


Manga of the Week




Must-have edition of the month (first of the month)

[Book] Authors from my Heart ❤ (second of the month)

[Manga] Authors from my Heart ❤ (third of the month)


Tags and random memes


TBR of the Week

Monthly regular posts

Wrap up + book haul

TBR for the next month

Montly Hot New Releases

Update of my Bookish boyfriends acquired on the previous month

Which reminds me. The Bookish Boyfriends list. I just published the new page after FOREVER and you can check it here! 😀 It was about time, right?! Haha

I hope you enjoy my changes! If you have a suggestion or critic, just leave it on the comments or e-mail me and let’s talk 😀


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