NEW BOOK ALERT: Dancer of Death, from Jordan L. Hawk (SPECTR #2)

Hello, good Tuesday to you 😀 Today I’d like to talk a little more about Jordan L. Hawk’s new book, Dancer of Death, second in the SPECTR series /o/


Goodreads’ Blurb:

Revenge. Murder. Ballet?

Vampire spirit Gray wants to hunt demons. Unfortunately, the foolish mortals at SPECTR have put his host, Caleb, their lover John, and their partner Zahira on desk duty. Gray longs to leave Charleston with John, but if they flee, SPECTR will make them the hunted.

A series of paranormal murders returns the team to the field, at least temporarily. Ballerinas are being murdered by a vila, a demon that kills with dance. If they can’t stop the deadly attacks in time, one of Zahira’s friends may become the next victim.

And while they track the demon, an unknown entity has begun to track Gray…

Sounds cool, right?? I’m in love with her works since I’ve read the Spirits series (review to book two available here) and the Whyborne & Griffin series (review to book one here) ❤ I can’t wait to see what is this series about *–*

Dancer of Death is already available at our usual suspects- er, I mean, usual buying spots 😉



All Romance


Thank you for reading ❤



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