NEW BOOK ALERT: The Cooper, from Bonnie Dee

Hello, my lovely book friends! I have some marvelous news 😀 Bonnie Dee will release another solo book in April and we already have all the juicy details ❤


Goodreads blurb:

Jaded lord, stalwart cop, instant attraction.

Lord Avery Wickersham wakes from a night’s debauchery at a bordello to police officers pounding on the bedroom door. During the vice raid, Constable Connor Tate is ready to arrest the lord and his two male sex partners when Avery’s glib tongue earns a reprieve for his friends if not for himself.

From this grim beginning, men as opposite as summer and winter slowly work their way to an unexpected spring. Avery is ripe for a change in his aimless life, while Connor struggles between duty and desire. Overwhelming passion takes them by storm, but can a rush of lust evolve into love when their lives are so different?

While Avery attempts altruism by volunteering at a charity mission, Connor uncovers government corruption and an evil man who brings torture and death to his victims. The duo join forces to try to stop the killer, but when one of the lovers faces peril, their time may run out.



So far, the publication date is set for April 4th. Lucky me that I have *some* books from her and Summer to keep me entertained until there.

Oh, and talking about Summer! They also announced the title of the third book in Victorian Holiday Hearts series! 😀

Mike and the Spring Awakening

You can see more info on the first book here and on the second, here 😀

Those ladies are going to leave me penniless, haha! And loving it, just like Maxwell Smart ❤

Thank you for reading! Are you excited with those news??


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