Manga of the Week: Chrno Crusade, from Daisuke Moriyama

Hello, good morning! You made to the middle of the week successfully, congrats! Now grab a mug of fresh coffee, a nice snack and dive with me on this Wednesday’s Manga of the Week ❤

The chosen one was a rare case of binge watching the anime before realizing that there was a manga series as well, to my utter shame: Chrno Crusade, from Daisuke Moriyama-sensei 😀

from my Instagram 😀

Goodreads’ blurb:

America in the Roaring 20s. On the surface, it’s a positive, peaceful time after the violence of the Great War. But lurking in the shadows is a dark element ready to snatch that peace away. Sister Rosette Christopher, an exorcist working as a part of the Magdala Order, has a duty to fight the demons which appear and cause destruction. But along with her companion Chrono, she usually ends up causing more destruction than the demons themselves! On one particular mission, they meet a young girl with a beautiful voice named Azmaria, who is being targeted by her own stepfather. As Rosette and Chrno work to save her, more is revealed about the relationship between them. There is more to these two than meets the eye.

Why I think it’s a worth-reading manga: this is a title that lives in my heart. I bounded so deeply with the characters and their world that I never wanted it to end. Besides, it was my first manga hangover and massive heart breaking. I cried like a baby on the end and to this day, I’m gathering my courage to read and watch it again, as it was oh-so good. If you like drama, historical settings, demons, magic and platonic loves, just give this series a go – with a tissue box next to you when you reach the end, okay?

That’s it, haha! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day! It will be a busy day here on the blog, so stay tuned ;D


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