Baked Sweet Glasses, from Ayano Yamane

Hello, again! Brace yourself for one more manga review! 😀

I set a goal for myself: no more manga reading until all my reviews are up to date, so you’ll understand me when I say that every day of the next week shall have a manga review, right? 🙂 I can’t live without reading manga, haha!

But let’s go to the star of the day: Baked Sweet Glasses, from Ayano Yamane!

Just for fun, guess which the genre of this title is: ( ) shoujo ( ) adventure ( ) yaoi ( ) other

The correct answer is on the end of the post, haha!

from my Instagram 😀

The Story

Mikami is a top class busy businessman, with a tight schedule and little time to trivial things of life – much less to spend with insistent and annoying salesman Fujiya, who insists on trying to sell his companies products to Mikami’s on the worst places ever.

Fujiya knows Mikami’s reputation, but he has a secret reason to insist so hard with the businessman. They have already met a long time ago under very different circumstances…

As Fujiya fights to get both Mikami’s respect and attention, Mikami realizes how little he has been really living – starting by his gastronomic indulgences. Despite having a real sweet tooth, Mikami simple has not the time to go to his favorite bakery on a weekly basis and grab the perfect desert only served there.

Maybe the way to his heart is simpler and sweeter than Fujiya expects.

The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

If you are around the blog for a while, you may already know how I love Yamane-sensei’s works. I’ve read my fair share of them, but not even close to enough. She simple doesn’t know how to make a poor job: the plot is always well executed, the art is exquisite and the characters, more than human. Truly people next door. Baked Sweet Glasses is a really short story (unfortunately), but slays every element needed in a good manga. Five stars without any doubt 🙂

The narrative follows mostly Mikami’s point of view, but we have small glimpses of Fujiya’s as well. The story pace is fast, as it is a short story, but not rushed. Yamane-sensei just don’t get to deep in descriptions or reflections herself, leaving this role to her reader. Honestly, I loved it. After reading Baked Sweet Glasses, I started to think about all the small things that we won’t do every day because we take them for granted. Like playing with our pets, eating good food or simply taking a walk on a cool place. It took me something like ten minutes to read this, but I stood staring my bedroom’s wall for almost an hour, lost in thoughts and reflections.


Anyway, sorry for going with the wind here, haha! The plot was simple, but full of twists. As it is so real, we don’t know how the story is going to end. Will Mikami and Fujiya get together? Will Mikami change his ways? Will Fujiya focus and grow up? It’s a big mystery until the last pages, haha! It worked very well for me. As long as the plot is well executed, the length of the title matters not. And if you didn’t take the hint, Yamane-sensei did a hell of a job here, haha!

As in almost all manga titles of this genre (gotcha ya, I bet you thought I was going to spill the beans!), the couple are the main characters and we barely know anyone else in the plot. Funny thing is that deeply bothers me in books and makes me give a shit on mangas. I’m weird, haha! Mikami was the typical strong and decided top, all dominance and impatience and beauty. I really connected to him because he was so well succeeded and yet too lonely. He had everything… yet he didn’t. Although deep serious guys don’t suit me in any way, I love appreciating them from afar, haha!

Fujiya could be classified as Mikami’s opposite, but they have things in common. Just like Mikami, Fujiya works hard to get what he wants and stands for what he thinks it is the right thing to do, no matter the consequences. Both also love good book, specially sweets. And that’s it, haha! End of similarities. Fujiya is the typical common bottom that catches the eye of his top by chance, always smiling, being positive and gentle no matter what. I like the balance between their looks as well: as Mikami is insanely beautiful, Fujiya’s regular beauty balances the reader’s eyes. I have serious concentrating problems when both parties on the relationship are divinely beautiful, oops!

But my babbling is worthless without some illustrative images*:

from left to right: Mikami and Fujiya ❤
look how well they look together ❤ I took the liberty of erasing the text due to spoilers 🙂
honestly, this man.

Now you see what I mean? Yamane-sensei simply doesn’t miss a single item on the list of “what to do to release a five stars manga title”. Her draws are delicate, firm and male, even when she does soft bottoms. I like the cleanness and maleness of it all. Darn, I think I’m drooling.



Bonus point: the sex scenes. Yes, there are sex scenes among all this cuteness and Yamano-sensei kicks ass on them! They are usually filled with fantasies, but the desire of the couple is so real and palpable that the reader doesn’t get bothered. The best delivered fan service in the field, I assure you as I have quite some experience with this genre.

Overall, I think this is a good option if you want a quick, fun and cute read with some steamy hot scenes 🙂


That’s it, thanks for reading! On the next week, the blog shall have one manga review per day, so I can put myself on the tracks. Please, bear with me, haha!

Oh, and the correct answer was… Yes, that’s right, yaoi! A.K.A. gay mangas and all 🙂




*ps: I do not own the illustrations, they were found on Google, belong to Ayano Yamane-sensei and were used with illustrative purposes only 🙂

5 thoughts on “Baked Sweet Glasses, from Ayano Yamane

    • This is a really short and sweet story, not famous at all, haha! I only know it exists because this author has another series called Finder that is one of my favorite in the world, haha! And I’m still writting today’s review… I seem to be interrupted by something on my house at every second, ugh!


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