Heart o Nusumu no wa Dare da, from Makoto Tateno

Hi, there! Welcome to another yaoi (a.k.a. gay) manga review! I know you missed those ;D

Kidding, but I do have some serious catching up to do, comparing to the amount that I have read this month and last year… So please, bear with me, haha!

Today’s title is Heart o Nusumu no wa Dare da, from Makoto Tateno-sensei 😀

from my Instagram 😀

The Story

Akira Hjirikawa is a classic Japanese thief Kaitou, complete with the beauty, the mask, the cape and the top hat. He is also the nightmare of young police officer Kuruto Torimaru.

Akira, who runs the coffee shop that Kuruto loves to go to, is not a thief because he wants to. He has a family debt to pay and the only way is to reunite the pieces of the spoiled treasure that his grandfather used to have.

Kuruto is the chief of a whole police department dedicated to Kaitou’s crimes. He knows the thief better than anyone else, but doesn’t even dream that the same man that haunts his sleep at night is the man that he learned to care for.

Akira was happy enough to play with Kuruto’s mind while full filling his grandpa’s wishes, but he didn’t expect to fall for the young policeman.

That really could ruin everything.


The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

This manga unfortunately is a one shot, but omg, it blew my mind! Akira and Kuruto’s romance was so cute! And I have a special appreciation for love born out of hate. I live for that moment where a person sees she can no longer end the other’s life because the obsession turned up to be a good feeling inside their chests ❤


This title is a full five stars for me: it had the perfect plot, perfect time, perfect art, perfect pairing and knew exactly what to show!

The narrative is divided by Akira and Kuruto’s points of view, but Akira is usually a step ahead of Kuruto and his team. It has a steady pace and the descriptions of the treasures are rich.

The plot is simple, but full of twists. The reader is kept on the anxiety of Akira’s identity as Kaitou being revealed to Kuruto during the whole volume; we are under the impression that it can happen any time, any minute. We worry and have fun, feel the love of Akira for Kuruto ❤ And no heist is the same as the previous, so it was nice to see how Akira would play Kuruto next, haha! Poor Kuruto, right?

I think it’s a bit obvious how I loved Akira’s character, but he stole my heart. You know, along with other things, haha!


I apologize.

Akira was pure mischief and kindness. And handsomeness. And perfectioness. Okay, that’s not a word, so I’ll stop. But I really loved everything about him. And I think Kuruto balanced him very well with his scandalous and serious way – yes, he could pull both together at same time, haha! Besides, just look how good they look together*:

from left to right: Akira and Kuruto ❤
close up of their perfect faces ❤
Akira and Kuruto together ❤

I took the liberty of erasing the dialogues due spoilers, sorry 🙂 But aren’t they breathtaking together?

Overall, this is the perfect volume for a quick read if you love thieves, romance and yaoi 😀


That’s it, thanks for reading! And for not giving up on me just because 95% of my manga reads are yaoi, haha! Love you guys :*




*ps: I do not own the illustrations, they were found on Google, belong to Makoto Tateno-sensei and were used with illustrative purposes only 🙂

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