Match Made in Mondays: mixing characters and book worlds!

Hi, there! Another week begins and I hope you’re all hanging there on this Monday 🙂 First thing every week here on the blog is my participation on my friend Audrey’s Match Made in Mondays meme. On her blog, Forwards and Bookwords, you can see the rules to join us.


This week’s theme is an old one, as Audrey seems to be on hiatus and I finally caught up to her themes:

THESE CHARACTERS from THIS BOOK + THIS WORLD from a different book (Remember Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana? If you could make a crossover special between two books, what characters and world would you mix?)

Hmm, I guess I’d love to see the Lord of the Rings characters on high school or college. You know, young adult classic scenario.


I can totally see this in my head, but apparently no one bothered to fan art this yet. Come on, talented people! :/ I can even see the snapchating:

This needs to happen right now. Thanks for reading 😉


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