NEW BOOK ALERT: Will and the Valentine Saint, from Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon!

Yes, you read it right! Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon have a new release in town! =O

Honestly, I’m loving their publication rhythm! *–* The new book is called Will and the Valentine Saint and it is thematic, from the same collection of Simon and the Christmas Spirit.


Goodreads’ blurb:

A Valentine bonbon from Devon/Dee.

Will Andrews wishes to escape the craziness of his bohemian family and create some order in his life. Hiding his eccentric theater background and presenting false letters of recommendation, he interviews for a position at a legal aid society. The last thing he expects is to fall hard for his genteel employer, Hugh St. John.

When Hugh needs a secretary, one magnetic candidate draws him. Will Andrews shares his vision for the Society and is also the most attractive man he’s ever met. But Hugh has never even kissed a man and would never throw himself at an employee.

As the pair plans a Valentine charity dinner, they grow ever closer to surrendering to Cupid’s arrow. But when Will’s false credentials and true background are revealed, can Hugh forgive his lies and omissions? Can fragile romance blossom into true love after trust is broken?


I can’t even express my happiness! I’m in debt with these girls, as I still didn’t read the last book I’ve won from them. But I will buy this one asap and make a marathon! ❤

That’s it, thanks for reading!! You can find this book in the usual places:


Barnes & Noble



All Romance



3 thoughts on “NEW BOOK ALERT: Will and the Valentine Saint, from Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon!

    • you’re welcome and congrats to you and Bonnie for the new release!! *–* I’m super curious and excited to see how this books goes ❤ ❤


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