TBR of the Week: Eternal War: Armies of Saints, from Livio Gambarini

Hello to you! Hope you have an amazing Sunday filled with happiness! 😀 I’m overly optimistic today, as I’ll be home real soon, haha!

The chosen book of the week for this section was a title I received recently in exchange for an honest review: Eternal War: Armies of Saints, from Livio Gambarini 🙂


Goodreads’ blurb:

In 13th century Florence, the war between the Guelphs and Ghibellines is destroying entire families. Every corner of Tuscany has been drawn into the conflict, but little do the two sides realize their war is but a pale reflection of a battle between the mysterious inhabitants of the spirit world, lasting a thousand years.

The spirit that guides the Cavalcanti family, Kabal, uses every any means at his disposal to make sure his family is not torn to shreds and eventually comes out on top. The true ace up his sleeve is the new head of his family, the warrior and poet Guido Cavalcanti. Guido is driven to seek an impossible peace as he strives to save his city and marry the girl he loves. He is helped by a young, exceptionally shy poet known as Dante Alighieri…

It is a story of war, betrayal, intrigue and magic that is woven skillfully together to create a wondrous combination of historical accuracy and the fantastic world that lies behind human endeavor. “The Eternal War – Armies of Saints” is an innovative historical fantasy set against the backdrop of the Florence of the Divine Comedy. It has already conquered Italy and now, with the English translation, it is set to take the world.

Why I got interested: I have a deeply love for Florence and Italy since: a) Damon Salvatore, from the book series of The Vampire Diaries; b) Assassin’s Creed, with Ezio Auditore. So it was only natural for me to bounce in my chair at the prospect of reading another fictional book that goes on this time period ❤ It’s already on my TBR of February!

UPDATE: you can now read my review for this book here!

That’s it, haha! Thank you for reading ❤ Do you like books set in Florence during this period?


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