Man of Many Faces, from CLAMP

Hello, again! Ever so slowly, I’m writing reviews for all my reads of 2015, haha! At least, today’s manga is a shoujo (a.k.a. sweet romance) and not a yaoi one! 😀

The new comer? Man of Many Faces, from CLAMP!


The Story

Akira is a 12-year-old boy with an uncommon occupation: he is a professional thief known as the Thief of 20 Faces. He has two mothers, that actually send him into crime, and a mysterious father, so you can say his family is a bit dysfunctional. Well, a little bit more than a regular family, that is.

However, Akira is a good boy, he doesn’t mind being a little different and stealing things to make his moms happy.

In one of those nights, he meets Utako, a lovely and lonely little girl. Despite their slight age difference, they become friends. But Utako had other plans for both of them. Can Akira manage to not lose her friendship, please his mothers and still go un-catch by the police?

The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

This was one of the sweetest mangas that I have ever read. The story line is simple and cute, amusing without any pressure. Everything about it was quite all right, so four stars to the series 😉 I mean, there is nothing new or dashing for me to say that it was a five stars…

Anyway, the narrative pace is very fast, as this is not only a shoujo (romance), but also an adventure title. Akira’s doings are the spotlight and in a close second, comes Utako. The narrative was mostly from the point of view of Akira or Utako, but there are some small passages where the secondary characters take a lead.

The plot seems to be very simple, but in reality is very sophisticated. Man of Many Faces is a childish title until you take a look into those subliminal messages that I talked about in CLAMP’S post here. The first thing is that Akira has two moms and a missing father. Two moms. How cool is that? 😀 Second is that one of his teachers know who he really is and never gave him away to the high school student that helps the police to chase Akira after his robberies. Oh, and the same teacher is the student’s lover. Nothing of this is explicit, but you guess in the second lines and facial expressions.

At the same time that I love CLAMP for the subliminal messages that helped me to grow up without prejudice against same-sex couples and to recognize true love in a relationship, as a grown up, it is endlessly frustrating to not see not even a kiss from anyone. And this is a general complain about their work, haha!


Anyway, the characters. I loved Akira since Clamp School Detectives, in which he is also one of the main boys. Btw, this is other thing that I love about CLAMP: their characters can reappear at any time and place in their new stories. When they wrote Tsubasa, almost all characters were from other already existent series, but in a twisted reality 🙂

But I seem to miss my point, sorry.

Akira is a very sweet boy just as Utako is a very stubborn girl. None of the characters go through a great development during their childhoods, so this is not a strong point of this manga. They do learn life lessons, but don’t really change, you know?

To be fair and honest, I think the strongest points of this title are CLAMP’s art and the fun that the subliminal messages may cause.

Just look at what those girls can draw*:!!.600.42654
From left to right: Utako and Akira ❤!!.full.42656
The two woman are Akira’s mothers ❤

I love their traces and style, omg *–*

Overall message? Ready it if you want a cute manga to pass time and not over think anything, haha!


That’s it! Thank you for reading ❤ Have you ever read Man of Many Faces?




*ps: I do not own the illustrations, they were found on Google, belong to CLAMP and were used with illustrative purposes only 🙂

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