The Tyrant Falls In Love, from Hinako Takanaga


Hello, there! Today we have another yaoi manga from 2015 with a delayed review thanks to college, haha! I will be back on track soon, I promise ❤

Today’s manga series is The Tyrant Falls In Love, from Hinako Takanaga! If you find this mangaka’s name familiar, you must have seen my review for another title from her, Croquis 🙂 And if you didn’t, now you can, haha!

Oh, in case you are new here: yaoi manga = gay romance manga 🙂


The Story

Tetsuhiro Morinaga is a hopeless romantic. Nothing really wrong there, right? Well, it gets wrong if you start to day dream about your very heterosexual and homophobic work college, as it is the case with Morinaga. He has a huge crush on Souichi Tatsumi, his supervisor at his part time job in their college.

After a very frustrating episode with his younger brother, Souichi is traumatized and really annoyed at gay community in general. Souichi hates to admit, but he does care for Morinaga.

The thing is that Morinaga doesn’t seem to be good at measuring affection.

The Analysis

Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader 🙂

So, if you have been following my manga reviews for a while, you will notice that my friend Hachiyumi has an awesome taste in reads and always tips me off, so I get to read only the best titles in town ;D Thanks yet again, Hachi!

At first, I didn’t thought I’d like The Tyrant Falls In Love, but oh boy, I was so wrong! So deliciously wrong… Sigh. Anyway, haha! I usually don’t like gay characters that hide behind homophobia. They can hide all they want, it’s a right of all of us, but homophobia? Really?

And, to my utter astonishment, I fell deeply in love with the series. The more you read, the more you like it, haha! I started giving it 4 stars per volume, but now I think that it is a five stars yaoi manga series as a whole ❤ It is still being published in Japan and this review contemplates it until volume nine!

The narrative pace is annoyingly slow, mostly in Morigana’s point of view. When they have already stablished some sort of relationship, we start to get glimpses at Souichi’s mind as well. I like switching POVs, so I’m happy, haha!

The plot is very simple: boy falls in love with hetero co-worker and decides to conquer him. And gets punched a lot in the face for trying. Several times.


Yes, just like this.

But simple plots are not a bad thing. Poorly executed plots are a bad thing and it’s not the case at all! Takanaga-sensei, once again, was brilliant in conducting the story and leaving her reader in a constant need for more, a.k.a. hooked up into her work 🙂 And, for having a slow pace, the story has many details, something that I utterly love! The most amazing part? We can remember it all!

Now, the characters. There are some awesome sidekicks to this story, but they don’t make much of an appearance overall. So, I’ll focus on our Lucky couple, kay? 🙂

Morinaga is a completely lost case. He is very insensible when it comes to other people’s feelings, even not meaning to, and it’s a paranoid sort of fellow. He is handsome and cute and the top of the relationship – btw, I love cute tops and powerful bottoms, haha! – but he has much to learn yet, even with the series in volume number nine. Of course he already grew a lot and developed beautifully, but that one was just too damaged, haha! Even more than Souichi…

Anyway, let’s go to the crux of the problem: Souichi. He is the dream man on the outside, but has a very awful temper. He is violent, unforgiving and pretty much the tyrant described in the title. Honestly, I don’t know why Morigana fell in love with him in the first place, haha! But after he starts to drop his defenses, we can’t resist him ❤ He is so cute!

As the pace is very slow, it takes forever between a sex scene and another and they are not very explicit. If sex it’s what you’re looking for, this title is not for you, haha!

One of the things that I like the most about The Tyrant Falls In Love is that it follows the couple’s routine and shows how the outside happenings can affect their relationship even when both are okay with each other. It’s amazing.


Overall, this is a cute series with an interesting story and loveable characters. If you like yaoi, this is a must-read for you!


That’s it! Thanks for reading and hope you’re having an awesome weekend!


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