Match Made in Mondays: taking a character’s place in the book!

Hello, good Monday to you 🙂 Without much further ado, as I’m in a hurry, today I’m answering sweet Audrey’s meme Match Made In Mondays! As always, please visit her blog, Forwards and Bookwords, for more info about it 😀

Today’s theme is:

Me taking the spot of THIS CHARACTER + THIS SCENE/MOMENT OF A BOOK (Remember when you were staring at the pages of your book screaming, Don’t do that you idiot!? If you could take the place of a character in a certain scene of a book, who would you pick and what would you do different? How would it affect the rest of the book?)

I’m going with I don’t know, because once again Audrey caught me off guard, haha! But I’m going to go with Kara, from Finding Forever, by Linda Oaks!

from my Instagram ❤ to read the review for Finding Forever, click here!

Kara is one of my favorite females in all time, but sometimes, I wanted to punch her in the face. Due to spoilers, I’ll put the kind of situation that I would like to take into my hands instead of describing scene by scene 🙂

Kara loves Devon, he is her soul mate and all, but you JUST HAVE TO TALK TO HIM. You can’t allow him to maneuver you to the bedroom EVERY TIME THINGS GET TOO SERIOUS! How to have a healthy relationship with only sheets talking after so much crap? D:

Seriously, hold your pants, Kara. Just hold it. The story would have been a lot less dramatic and painful if you just could talk to Devon without jumping in the bed every time.

That’s it, haha! Thanks for reading and sorry about this rant, but OMG, I can’t stand goner people in the bed – this is for girls and boys, not just girls, haha!


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