BOOK COVER REVEAL: Worldwide, Boyband #3 by Jacqueline E. Smith

Hello, there! Hope your Monday is still good, haha!

One of my favorite authors EVER, Jacqueline E. Smith (from the Cemetery Tours series!), revealed the cover for the third book in the Boyband series this last week! *–*

Here it is:



On a quick Twitter chat, Jacqueline says she doesn’t have a publishing date for the book yet, but she hopes that it will be ready on late spring-early summer 2016!


Jacqueline was a sweetie and kindly sent me her Boyband series in exchange of an honest review, so I’ll leave the series more to the end of the year, as she has the habit of ending her books with major cliff hangers, haha! 😉 Thank you for everything, Jacqueline! ❤

That’s it, guys! Thanks for reading 😀 Are you excited to read Jacqueline’s new book?


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