Book author: J. L. Langley

Good morning, guys! First Tuesday of the year and my first Authors of my Heart ❤ post! The chosen one was J. L. Langley, as she is oh-so-awesome 😀


I already told how I met J. L. Langley on this post, so I’ll just talk about her books, okay? 🙂

J. L. Langley has four book series and is currently working (cof for ages cof) in two new books. I’m hopping she ends at least one of them by the end of this year, but she is a slow writer and one can’t hush perfection. Anyway, haha!

from my Instagram 😀

This was my first series by her and I still love the first book, The Tin Star ❤ Gay cowboys?


This series has two books and one short story and it’s complete. I liked the other two books as well, but the first one usually is the most especial one, haha!



This series has one book and an apparently coming soon volume, but I won’t put my hand into the fire for this release, haha! I loved the first book, it’s also cowboy themed ❤



This is Langley’s longest and biggest series, with a short book, three long ones, five short stories and a coming soon long book 🙂 I have already read all of them and my favorite is With Abandon ❤



This is Langley’s second biggest and longest series, haha! It was the last one I have read because I was reticent with the sci-fi element – which worked amazingly good, haha! One of my favorite books from her so far it’s from here, My Regelence Rake ❤ Oh, this series has three long books and a fourth coming soon plus four short stories 😀


That’s it, guys! Thanks for reading 😀 I promise I’ll try to write my review for Daughters of Darkness later today, haha!




Ps: I just realized that I skipped a Manga author week, so the next two Authors from my Heart will be mangakas, okay? Then we go back to regular schedule, haha!

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