TBR of the Week: Stepping out of Midnight, by Lee Brailsford

Good morning and good Sunday! By the time this post goes live, I’ll be running in a sunny park with my cousins. Yay, you can’t imagine how I love physical exercise. *raises sarcasm sign*

I’ve been a bit chatty about my personal life, sorry, haha! This is the last Sunday of 2015 and, as my next year will be full of uncertainties, I’ve chosen a book that matches my vibe to be my TBR of the Week 😀

The chosen one was Stepping out of Midnight, from Lee Brailsford! His publisher kindly sent me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, that shall be coming soon. Thank you again!


Goodreads blurb:

He watches. He notices. He kills.

At ten years old, Abigail Fuller looks into the eyes of the man who murdered her vile parents. For reasons she can’t explain, she is not afraid.

Nineteen years later and Abigail is one of a small group of survivors from a trans Indian Ocean plane crash. Stranded on a remote island she feels vulnerable for the first time in her life as the remaining survivors begin to mysteriously disappear.

Is one of the survivors not who he seems, or is the island not as deserted as they thought? And more importantly, can Abigail and the rapidly dwindling group of survivors live long enough to be rescued?

A terrifying psychological thriller, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Why I got interested: I love psychological thrillers and this one sounds like the kind of book that will keep me up at night after reading, squirming in pure fear and agony, haha! Funny thing is that I can’t stand horror movie… Oh, well. I’ve been meaning to read more books like Stepping out of Midnight and can’t wait to read it 😀

That’s it! Thanks for reading and please cross your fingers for me. I think that awful amount of fresh and pure air at the park will ruin my polluted accustomed lungs LOL. Do you like this kind of thriller??


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