Match Made in Mondays: the villain fight of the century!

Hello, there! Today it’s my first scheduled Monday and I’m sooo happy for that, haha! There’s just one thing that I love more than schedules: being on them LOL. Anyway, let’s start the week with my participation on my dear friend Audrey, from the Forwards and Bookwords, Monday-ly meme:


This week’s theme is:

THIS VILLAIN FROM ONE BOOK + THIS VILLAIN FROM A DIFFERENT BOOK, in a fight (What’s the ultimate face-off that you’d love to see happen? How would it go down? Who would win?)

Oh, Lord. I don’t have a clue.

I guess I would love to see Katherine, from The Vampire Diaries book series, and Neferet, from House of Night series, to get into a real fight. Feminine power and all…


I have NO idea who would actually win, haha! I mean, Katherine has CENTURIES of experience, okay, but Neferet is such a controlling and manipulative bitch with very scaring powers… Hm, it would be a very fair match, in my opinion.

As for who I would be supporting, it would be Katherine. I don’t really like her, both on show and books, but I TRULY HATE Neferet. MADDLY.


Sorry, I can’t control myself, haha!

Maybe Katherine would have better chances at winning, after lots of awful bites and bone breakings, thanks to her advanced age. Neferet’s power, in my opinion, depends on too many outside elements for it to reach it’s top. Katherine just needs some blood to destroy humanity, haha!


That’s it! Thanks for reading! Which villains would you love to watch getting into a fight??


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