The Merchant and the Clergyman is now available!!

Hello! I’m so proud to announce yet another release from the team Dee and Devon! The last one is already on my to-read list and now there’s a new one! My vacation will be awesome, haha! ❤ The new title is The Merchant and the Clergyman. I talked a little about its upcoming release when I wrote my last review for Bonnie, and this book also is featured on my October VIP list of book releases, haha!


Here’s the blurb from the book at Goodreads:

A village clergyman
Curate James Fletcher is content shepherding his parishioners through the good and bad times of their lives. If he sometimes dreams of making a deeper connection with a man who truly knows everything about him, it is an impulse he ignores and sublimates.

A workaholic businessman
Declan Shaw solves problems at his family’s far-flung business enterprises. Recently, he’s considered taking a break from traveling to settle in one place and pursue a few desires of his own. He’d love to explore his secret love of cooking, and perhaps have a relationship that lasts longer than a night.

The event that brings them together
In town for his cousin’s wedding, Declan meets James just as he’s bested the annoying groom. Intrigued by the mild-mannered cleric’s surprising grit, Declan asks James to help him discover if his aunt is being mistreated by her spouse.

As their paths repeatedly cross, the two men reach an intersection of attraction they can’t ignore. Will they take the forbidden trail of passion and perhaps continue to travel together into the future?

You can find the book in ebook version here for US$3,99:


Barnes and Noble


All Romance


That’s all! Thanks for reading! Do you also love gay historical romances??


13 thoughts on “The Merchant and the Clergyman is now available!!

    • It’s is SO HARD so find historical gay books, I don’t know why! D: I only got into them a fews years back myself and I also love LGBT romance. It’s so unfair, right? D: But I’m so happy that you decided to check this gender! I’d be happy to tip some more books and authors in case you discover that you like historical gay romance, haha! Tell me everything if you can read it this one as well, please, as I won’t be able to do so until christmas… That is when I will have some money of my own to buy new books ❤

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      • I know, this is actually the first one I have come across in this genre! I’ve added it to my wishlist, and I’ll let you know what it’s like when I get a chance to read it! 🙂 If you do have any other recommendations I’d love to hear them!

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      • It will be my pleasure to do so!! *–* Are you on Goodreads?? I could send you the recommendations directly there ❤ (and we could be friends in one more place, haha! <3)


      • aww, thank you! ❤ And I hope you do, Goodreads is tons of fun, really, haha! ❤ My username is my name in the blog: (okay, maybe easier than my blog's name, oops hahaha!)
        Mean while, you can check an author called Ava March, if you wish to go deeper into historical gay romances ❤ I would recommend All In With The Duke, that is my favorite book ever from her ❤ I already reviewd it here on the blog a while ago and the cover is AMAZING ❤ So romantic, but without being vulgar, you know?? Anyway, I'm babbling, sorry!

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      • I finally made an account, and I’ve added you! I love that you listed Ian Somerhalder as one of your interests haha, he is definitely one of mine 🙂 And thanks for the reccomendation, I will check out the author!

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      • Yaaay!! I just added you too!! ❤ I hope you like goodreads and if you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask me! Hahaha I love Ian! Yay, another thing in common 😀 I'll send some recommendations through goodreads to you later today, to introduce you to my favorite historical ones ❤

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      • That is SO AWESOME! I believe you, that man gave a whole new meaning to perfection, hahaha! I’ll go and do it right now ❤ Join the dark side, we have sexy gentlemen and cookies ;D

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      • So sorry I forgot to say, thank you for sending me those Goodreads nominations! I am going to be doing some book-buying this weekend, and I’ll definitely be checking some of those out! 🙂

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