The Shepherd and The Solicitor is already available! *–*

If you follow me for a while, you may have noticed that I freaking love gay historical romances and, for those that share this love, I have wonderful news!

Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon just released a new book together (I talked a bit more about their partnerships here), called The Shepherd and The Solicitor. Ok, I’m trying to stay calm, BUT OMG, I AM SO EXCITED! I can’t wait to read it *–*

And here it is!

Here’s the sipnoses available at Goodreads:

When a storm is brewing, taking shelter could be the most dangerous move of all.

One careless, public sign of affection cost Daniel Pierce’s lover his life at the hands of a hate-filled mob. Grief-stricken, Daniel retreated from society to a sheep farm in the wilds of the north. Years later, Gregory Tobin erupts into his solitary life.

Sent to confirm the existence—or the death—of the Pierce family’s lost heir, Tobin isn’t sure he’s found the right man. The gruff, shaggy hermit calling himself Jacob Bennet bears little resemblance to photographs of the younger Pierce. Tobin needs more time to study his quarry.

With lambing season in full swing, Daniel grudgingly admits he could use an extra hand. Through a long, exhausting night, they parry back and forth as Tobin probes closer and closer to the truth. And something beyond casual attraction simmers between them.

They come together in a crash of desire, but ultimately Daniel must overcome the terrors of the past to reconcile the man he was with the man he’s becoming—a man capable of loving again.

Warning: Many sexy encounters on a sheep farm—NO, not like THAT!—between two adult males with temperaments as different as night and day.

AWESOME, RIGHT?! If you like this genre, you can’t go wrong with Bonnie and Summer, really. The book is available in paperback and ebook version at:


Barnes & Noble



All Romance

I just need it.

That’s it, thanks for reading! Do you like this genre too? ❤


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