Hanayome wa Oku-san, from Yuki Shimizu

Hello, everyone! Some days ago I was having troubles to sleep, so I decided to pick up a one shot manga to pass my time and tire my eyes. I found a perfect manga by chance, that was Hanayome wa Oku-san, from Yuki Shimizu. The title can be translated into “Oku-san, The Bride”.

IMG_4091The manga is very short, with only two chapters, but it was enough to steal my heart. The main characters, Nana and Oku (not my favorite Japanese names, but one can’t have everything), met at college, where Nana was known as The Prince of Good Fortune, as any girl who slept with him was said to have all her wishes granted. Oku had a crush on him, so, one day, he asks Nana to sleep with him, as he was in need of some luck in his life – or so he tells Nana.

After that one time of passion, Oku quits college and had to change his life, to never see Nana again. Until they end up working at the same place.

Their workplace was a wedding venue called “White Bell”. It had two chapels, a smaller one and a big one, both with gardens, a room for the couple spend their nuptials and what they called “The Pride of White Bell”, their wedding dresses collection. It counted with lots of dresses signed by international stylists, so it was the highlight of the venue.

Both Nana and Oku were assistants, available for the marring couple, helping to make all the decisions and preparations, both before and on the special day. Nana was the most requested one, as his “prince aura” never left him. The White Bell wasn’t functioning in all its capacities yet and it was only a matter of time for Nana to quit the place – and that was killing Oku. He knew that, after the fake wedding presentation for potential customers, it would be over again.

What both men didn’t know was who would turn out to be the groom and bride of this fake weeding 🙂

Now, before anything else, I have to praise Shimizu-sensei’s art. Her traces are just gorgeously beautiful! I love lean and masculine men, with delicate drawing like Matsuri Hino’s and Kaori Yuki’s. It’s neat and perfect ❤

aren't they perfect? <3
aren’t they perfect? ❤

Short and sweet, with the right amount of drama, lots of romance and a perfect end, Hanayome wa Oku-san is an awesome reading for yaoi/boys love lovers, like me 🙂

That’s it! Thanks for reading 😀 Do you also like yaoi mangas?


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