Princess Kilala – Rika Tanaka & Nao Kodaka

Today I finished this cute series after 5 volumes. Before I start, I have to say that it is a childish series, so, you can’t condemn itfor being predictable or obvious 🙂

my completed collection <3
my completed collection ❤

Well, as I commented on my Instagram, Kilala is a regular girl whose parents travel a lot. She feels very lonely and finds comfort in the Disney Princesses’ world. Her friends think that she’s a little weird, but Kilala doesn’t care, as all she wants is to have a good time in everything she does. One fine day, she finds a passed out boy in the street named Rei, a lost prince (which, in Brazilian Portuguese, is very funny, as this boy will became a king someday and the world “king” equals “rei” in this language, haha!).

Anyway, Rei needs to save his kingdom, Paradiso, from a rebellion and Kilala starts to help, on her own clumsy way. They end up visiting 6 princesses worlds: Snow White’s, Cinderella’s, Ariel’s, Belle’s, Aurora’s and Jasmine’s. Each kingdom gives Kilala a different stone for the crowd of Rei’s kingdom, but an awful betrayal gets into their way and Kilala, in the end, wasn’t just some random girl.

they are beautiful '-'
they are beautiful ‘-‘

I thought it was pretty creative for a kid’s manga. Of course we have some basic shoujo elements like the couple that always fight, the oh-so-prettier-than-you-girl to make an amorous triangle with Kilala and Rei, clichés and all, but it’s cute enough as a pass time and Nao wins extra points. Kilala and Rei are beautiful characters and the Disney characters are perfect! Even finding the end a little tiring, I liked it and, overall, I would give 3.5 stars to the whole series.

That’s it! Thanks for reading 😀 Do you like Disney inspired mangas?


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